Category: Young Historians


Out in the barren lands of Tolastaidh bho Thuath stands Airigh a' Ghlinne Mhor. Its state of decay could never flatten the enthusiasm of the Young Historians. The Airigh is in an Westerly direction of the Bridge to Nowhere (Garry Bridge), and with just a 10 minute walk makes it easily accessed.

To make the project possible a bridge was constructed further upstream. Radiators proved there worth in this task as the bridge hasn't fallen yet! (if ever). We appropriately called it the Bridge to Somewhere as there is already a Bridge to Nowhere in the area.

The Bridge to Somewhere

The Founds

The actual airigh is in a state of disrepair. It has not been inhabited for a while to say the least! We have made a little progress by clearing the site. Here are photos of our plans for the restoration of shieling at NB 523503. Project drawings not to scale.