Aig Muir

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Aig Muir

On Friday the 11th of March 2005, a large gathering of Tolsta seamen flocked to the Community Hall. What attracted them was an event orgonised by the Young Historians called Aig Muir.

The Young Historians went about sending out invitations to all village seamen through our integrated database.

The Young Historians also set up a display board and various other multimedia shows for the occasion. These were enjoyed by all, the display board showed various old photographs, posters and colourful information plates.

Also a large variety of props were brought along by the committee. Three whole tables were full of them! Ranging from Ships Lanterns, Old Fishing Books, The Fishing Registry, Sguil and Fishing Floats.

When the time came, all the seamen sat down and talked about the good old days. And in amongst the reminiscing laughter echoed out of the hall into the bitterly cold Northerly wind.

A thank you goes to the Committee for their help and the Sawmill band for providing excellent entertainment.