North Tolsta Young Historians is a project that has successfully accomplished a great many achievements over the years. They have created various databases, published books and raised funds for local charities.  These pages that follow document the project.


How it all began

In the spring 2003 a group of 12-18 year olds met at the Comann Eachdraidh premises. Apart from age, the common link was that all were interested in the history and culture of the area. This group are now known as the 'Young Historians'.

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Out in the barren lands of Tolastaidh bho Thuath stands Airigh a' Ghlinne Mhor. Its state of decay could never flatten the enthusiasm of the Young Historians. The Airigh is in an Westerly direction of the Bridge to Nowhere (Garry Bridge), and with just a 10 minute walk makes it easily accessed.

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Fishing registry

Fishing Registry

The Young Historians completed the tiresome task of creating a fishing registry of the villages past fishing fleet. We investigated many different sources of information and recompiled it in a new, easy-to-read format. Please feel free to view this at the historical society premises.

We have also published our book, Làithean an Iasgaich.

Aig Muir

Aig Muir

On Friday the 11th of March 2005, a large gathering of Tolsta seamen flocked to the Community Hall. What attracted them was an event orgonised by the Young Historians called Aig Muir.

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Metagama Play

On the 20th of August 2004, the Young Historians visited a drama production depicting the island life from before the first world war. "Metagama is a new play in English and Gaelic by celebrated Irish writer Dermot Healy, exploring the history, humanity, emotions and politics of that last great wave of emigration from The Western Isles." (words from the Metagama booklet). The Young Historians have extremely good reviews about the play.

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In the April-May time of 2004 a fun day was to be hosted in Tolsta. One highlight at the occasion was the visit at Garry bridge of several classic cars.

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In November of 2003 the Young Historians set out on an adventure to..... the other side of.......the island! We all went to the Gearrannan Blackhouse in Carloway to try and experience the everyday life of living in a blackhouse.

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Muirneag Sponsored Walk

At 10 am on the morning the 'adventurers' met at Raonadail and, with photograph taken and wellies organised, they headed for the moor!

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Young historians database

Village database

The first project that the Young Historians took up was the compilation of the village database. It was constructed to prove an asset to the village and it certainly has been.

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