Old timer goes fishing

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Lewis fisherman gets trip on board Accord

Report from the Buchan Observer August 1989

An 82 year old Lewis man relived his fishing days last week when he went out for a trip on the Peterhead – registered Accord.

Donald Dodalan Smith was in Peterhead visiting the skipper of the Accord, Mr Jim Duthie, and asked if he could possibly go out for a trip on the vessel. Mr Smith, who went to sea with Mr Duthie’s father on the first Accord, was delighted when Mr Duthie agreed to take him out – weather permitting of course.

Mr Duthie said, “In the old days he went to sea with my father and he did this every year, coming down from Lewis for the fishing season. It was just basically a trip down memory lane for him. If for any reason we are in Stornoway, with the weather etc. then we go and visit Donald and he decided to come down and visit us for a couple of days this year. Through his work association with the town and fishing, he knows as many people in Peterhead as he does in Stornoway.

“He was out last night and he was in heaven. I think he would go back to fishing in a second if he got the chance.”

Mr Smith managed to get another trip on the vessel on Tuesday night when the Accord left port at around 6pm and headed for the herring grounds and, by the look of the picture, he certainly had a great time.”

Shortly after this trip on the Accord Jim Duthie collapsed and died onboard his fishing boat. He was just 54 years old. Donald Smith travelled to the mainland to attend his funeral. Donald Smith died in 1998 aged 91.