District News 1977

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Tolsta District News 1977 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



North Tolsta Community Association are to cut out raffles and all other forms of gambling from their fund raising activities during the coming year.

This was decided at the association's annual general meeting after it had been moved by two ministers who attended,the Rev Malcolm Maclean,Free Church and the Rev.Duncan Maclean,Free Presbyterian Church.

The ministers told the meeting that it went against the teaching of the Bible to hold raffles and other forms of gambling.

They suggested that raffles be replaced by door-to-door collections as a means of raising funds,and that the sales of work should continue-but without the wheel of fortune normally run.

Not all present shared the ministers'view. One member argued strongly against the move,pointing out that with raffles and sales of work, including a wheel of fortune,they had been able to raise £1,000 in a year.He doubted whether this could be done if the new policy was adopted.

A counter motion against the 'no gambling' ruling did not get a seconder. 
A spokesman for the association said the decision might only last a year.

They would see if they were still able to raise sufficient funds without it.


The A.G.M.of the North Tolsta Funeral Fund Association was held in the local school.
In the year under review it was disclosed that the total money collected was £135.10. The total outgoings for the year was £586.90,leaving a balance of £3,692.12.

As the annual subscription had remained at 10p per person for the past 15 years, it was decided to double it in the face of dramatically rising costs.


At the recent A.G.M.the subjects discussed included the cemetery road, rabbit control,village boundary fences and feu allocations. The bank balance stands at £186.38.