District News 1964

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Tolsta District News 1964 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



Two Lewismen received Royal Humane Society testimonials on Friday.The two men,Murdo Maciver (23) 5 North Tolsta and John Macdonald (19) of No.51,rescued a seaman from Stornoway harbour on April 12 of last year and after bringing him to safety disappeared without giving their names.

They both declined to attend a ceremony in Stornoway Town Hall where it was intended that they would receive the testomonials.The ceremony was held in Mr.Macdonald's home and Provost Donald Stewart, accompanied by Chief Inspector John Mackenzie and Councillor Allan Cameron attended to make the presentation. Shortly after 11 P.M.on April 12 John Murdo Macdonald of 1 North Tolsta, slipped and fell while walking along a quay and plunged into the icy water.

As he struggled to gain a hold of the pier supports two young men rushed up. The first,Maciver, jumped in and held Macdonald above water but he grew tired after a while because of the weight of his clothing.

John Macdonald then jumped in and together they dragged him to the steps and on to the quay. A nurse who had witnessed the incident gave artificial respiration and when an ambulance, a doctor and police arrived on the scene within five minutes, the two shy heroes had disappeared.

After Friday's ceremony they both packed their cases and left to join their ships.