District News 1963

Tolsta District News 1963 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



In North Tolsta they have a boys' club with a large membership, but nothing is done for the girls of the village.Some time ago when boys and girls mixed at a club meeting,several parents threatened to take their sons away from the club if girls were allowed to join. After this outcry membership of the club was confined to male members only to avoid ill-feeling.

Our schools are co-educational so that boys and girls mix freely from five to fifteen. If they remain in school beyond fifteen and go to university they continue to mix freely. Most people in Scotland hold that co-eduction is much healthier than the segregation of boys and girls on the lines of the English public school.Why then the objection to mixed under proper supervision?

It is not as if the ban kept boys and girls apart.When you travel through the Lewis villages at night you can often see mixed groups walking along the road together or sheltering somewhere from the rain. It would be much better for Tolsta if the girls could join the existing club or could have a club of their own.