District News 1962

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Tolsta District News 1962 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



Councillor Cameron's brand new boat has now been delivered. Built at Ness by their veteran boat builder, she is an acknowleged beauty.

Catherine ,the daughter of Mr.and Mrs.Alex.Campbell "Lochside", is a stewardess aboard the cruise ship "Transvaal Castle".


Mr.Archie Maclean who is gradually buildling up a small dairy business has now completed new premises capable of housing sixteen cows.

He scooped the pool for the first calves to be born under the new A.I. Scheme.On Sunday morning a calf, Ayrshire crossed with Beef Shorthorn was born to one of his cows, followed shortly by a second,this time pure Ayrshire.

This by local standards is a remarkable achievement by a crofter.


It is with regret that we record the passing of Evander Maciver 43 North Tolsta. "Forty" as he was affectionally known was one of the pioneer bus-owner drivers in Lewis and as such was well known as a kindly,genial and most patient gentleman.In those days their were no conductresses and no regular timetable - you simply waited for it, but with Evander the customer was always right .Incidentally he got his nickname from his regimental No.3040 in the old Militia. He is survived by his widow and six daughters.

He was 83.



The Sabbath English service in the Free Presbyterian Church was conducted by Mr.John Macdonald,6,North Tolsta,who is home on holiday.


Quite a few of our lads are "in" from the sea;among them is William Robertson,Hill St.Donald Mackay No.2 and Angus Murray Hill St.who have been flown home from Japan after two years in foreign waters. Donald Maciver detained in an Antwerp hospital with a hand injury is now home.

Another "sailor"is Catherine Campbell 7 Lochside who has made three trips to South Africa as stewardess on the "Transvaal Castle".