District News 1961

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Tolsta District News 1961 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



Mr.and Mrs.Angus Maciver,67,New St.and Mr.and Mrs.Murdo Macleod,76 Hill St. have celebrated their golden weddings.
Mr.Macleod is the last Tolsta survivor of those who fought at Jutland.


Mr.Donald Macdonald who holds a skipper and pilot's certificate gained in New Zealand is now in Aberdeen undergoing a course of instruction to comply with Board of Trade regulations. A new boat is being built for him and his crew.


Mr.William Macritchie,a former pupil of Lews Castle College,has joined the "City of Lancaster"as a cadet.


Friday's gale did some damage to houses,overturned corn rigs and haystacks while Councillor Cameron's boat was smashed to pieces.

Electric cables were torn off poles yet the village was without electricity for only twenty four hours,thanks to the efficient
repair service of the Hydro-Electric Board.


Hospital cases are always with us but the return from hospital of Alexander Macdonald,38,North Tolsta,is of special interest.His case was uncommon- his appendix was found to be on his left side.



The let of North Tolsta school for a dance tonight was unanimously approved by the Lewis Education District sub-commitee at their meeting on Tuesday.

They had a request before them from Mr.Neil Mackenzie,41,North Tolsta, for the use of the school to hold a dance within recent years.

At their last meeting a similar request was also granted,but the dance was cancelled because of a death in the village and when it was held the following Friday only twenty young men and one girl turned up.

Councillor Allan Cameron supported the request seconded by Mrs.E.Graham.

Had there been any objections from the neighbourhood?, asked ex-Provost Roderick Smith."No"said Councillor Cameron"We had the honour of the minister attending,and what more could you want?"(Rev.Fraser Macdonald,Free Presbyterian minister at Tolsta,accompanied by one of his elders and an elder from the Free Church visited the school during the dance.)

The letter incorporated a request for the use of the school till a later hour on this occasion.School lets normally terminate at midnight,but Councillor Cameron reminded the committee that British Summer Time was now in operation,and added,"It is'nt that the youth are afraid of being seen going to the dance but they are busy on their crofts till late in the day."

The committee granted an extension till 12.30 a.m.



The latest bunch of trainees went aboard the "Islesman"on Thursday of last week-the North Tolsta group who hope to have their boat by September.

The boat will be owned by three men,two brothers,Donald and John Macdonald and their partner John Murdo Macleod.

The Macdonald brothers had both settled in New Zealand,when one of them came home for a visit and saw the possibility of beginning again in local fishing.Both had fished in New Zealand,Donald for fourteen years and John for five.

Donald Macdonald,the new skipper,brought a New Zealand wife home with him,and three of a family-to which a fourth has been added since their arrival.

Two other men from North Tolsta,who will be crew members,are also on the "Islesman" - Angus Maciver and Allan Macleod. They will be joined later by Jackie Morrison,Stornoway.

Their new boat is to be named "Highland Chieftain".