Boys youth club

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On you go boys!

In the very early 1960s, the then Further Education Officer for Lewis, the late K.D. Smith called a meeting in the old Tolsta School to ascertain if there was enough interest among the boys of the secondary classes to form a Boys' Youth Club in the village. There was no mention of a 'mixed' club as no doubt someone somewhere had concluded that if girls were to be present they would be too noisy! No word of sex discrimination laws in those days!

A good turnout of boys attended the meeting and from their enthusiasm it was decided to proceed with the formation of a club, provided some adults were prepared to act in a supervisory capacity on a rota basis. The Headmaster of the school, the late Donald Macdonald (Doul) agreed to do his turn as did Donald Smith assistant teacher, John Murray of number 30 and Donald Macleod of number 76.

In order to get going a grant was obtained to buy some games such as table tennis, darts, dominoes, draughts and an air gun. One can still remember the table tennis nets being clipped onto the tables that were used by the girls during their cookery classes in the old 'white' building, which was used as the school gym. On a historical note many will recall the other end of the building being used for Technical and Navigational classes.

While the facilities were basic in comparison to what is to be expected from the hall buildings at present being constructed, they were adequate to enable boys to meet together on Fridays during the long evenings and compete in the games that were available. There were no meetings during the summer months.