District News 1969

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Tolsta District News 1969 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette


CASE 693

Sir- I was interested in "Case 693" the recent radio account of the "Iolaire"disaster.An order from the bridge not to launch the boats was heard by me on that tragic night when most of the men in the saloon were lost. I gained the deck by breaking a window, leaving behind some of my experienced neighbours.The deck was full of men and I let myself away by rope to be washed ashore unconscious.

I was rescued by another survivor but assistance from land would have saved many exhausted and injured men.

Yours etc.

Survivor Tolsta


Word has been received that Roderick Maciver has died at his home in Barcaldine, Queensland.Roddy, born at 25,North Tolsta,79 years ago,emigrated to Australia in 1908.During the First World War he fought in France with an artillary regiment and rose to commissioned rank.



A squadron of Royal Engineers have surveyed the possible route of the Ness-Tolsta Road,and approval of grant is wanted by Ross and Cromarty Highways Committee.However the Scottish Development Department are not prepared to make a move until they receive a recommendation from the Highlands and Islands Development Board.