District News 1951

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Tolsta District News 1951 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



Kenneth Campbell has opened a new butcher's shop at 27 North Tolsta.



We offer congratulations to John Murray, 8 New Tolsta and Murdo MacKay, 18 New Tolsta, on receiving the Bronze Medal and the Royal Humane Society's Certificate for life-saving. Mr. Murray is serving on the Fishery Patrol Vessel "Vaila" and Mr. MacKay is home on holiday from the Merchant Service.


Hector MacMillan, 6 North Tolsta, has been appointed Shepherd for this township for the current year.



A small motor-boat sheltering at Haysker, north of Tolsta Head did not attract particular attention until a flare and rockets were observed in the evening by John MacDonald, New Tolsta, who phoned for assistance. The lifeboat was soon on the scene and the boat with it's two of a crew ws towed to Stornoway. One of the men was Donald MacMillan, Glen Tolsta, now residing in Stornoway.



At the Prince of Wales Halls, Glasgow, on Thursday, 8th March, Catherine MacDonald, daughter of the late Murdo MacDonald and of Mrs. MacDonald, 1 Lochside, Tolsta, became the bride of Mr. Angus Campbell, son of Mr. Angus Campbell and of the late Mrs. Campbell, 1744 Paisley Road West, Glasgow.



Mr. Murdo MacKenzie, School Road, who has purchased a new tractor, has started ploughing. With two tractors in the village, the work will proceed at a faster pace than last year. Horses are being shod and they have their part to play as well



The School has reopened again and we have lost a popular teacher in Mr. D. MacDonald, M.A.,who has been appointed to Bayble. In his place comes Mr. D. Smith, M.A., a native of Bragar, who we hope will feel at home among us. Mr. John Murray, M.A., 30 North Tolsta, also joins the Staff. We trust Miss A. MacKenzie, M.A., will soon be back on duty again.


Congratulations to Miss Annie Christina Murray, 30 North Tolsta, who has recently qualified as a Nurse.



We wish to congratulate Angus Murray(Jun)29,North Tolsta,on passing the Board of Trade examination for Second Mate(Foreign Going),not an easy thing to do from the lower deck.

Angus is at present serving as Third Officer on the S.S.Clan Royal.

This should give encouragement to all the young men of Tolsta to follow Angus's example,because we know that most of our young seamen have the capacity to learn the art of navigation.


Four Lewismen are included in the first list of promotions under the Admirality's re-organisation scheme for the Royal Navy Patrol Service.

They are serving officers who have been given the option of transferring from the Skipper class appointments to R.N.ranks.
Chief Skipper Angus Murray(skipper of the "Sandy Bay")29,North Tolsta, is promoted to Lieutenant(P.S.)R,N,R.Promoted from Skipper to Sub-lieutenant are Skipper Angus Mackay,North Tolsta,Skipper Alexander Macdonald 38,North Tolsta and Skipper Malcolm Macinnes 34,Achmore.



The tar-macadamed road leading to Glen Tolsta, is about the best in Lewis today. Like many other things it has come rather late in the day, when the place is almost deserted, but the road is a real boon to the three families residing there.



His many friends at North Tolsta wish to congratulate Angus Murray, jun., 29 North Tolsta, on passing a successful Board of Trade examination at Cardiff as Second Mate, foreign going.


With a family of daughters Mr.Duncan Maclean is finding it no easier to walk unconcernedly up the aisle to give away yet another daughter.

The bride was Christina and the bridegroom Colin Campbell,47,North Tolsta. The officiating minister was the Rev.A.Finlayson.


Mr.John Macleod,Butcher,has retired owing to ill health and the business is to be carried on by Donald Maciver,General Merchant,64,New Street.



The Cameron Bren-gunner killed by Egyptian terrorists in the ambush near Tel-El-Kebir on Monday was a Lewisman-21 year old Donald Maciver,formerly of Roadside North Tolsta.

Bren-gunner Maciver is the twenty-eighth British soldier murdered by Egyptian terrorists.He is the first Lewisman.

News of his death was given in a telegram from the Army Records Office in Perth,received on Monday night as his mother was going to church.

"If it was war time we would have been prepared for it,but it came as a terrible shock".

In the action the Cameron Highlanders patrol was caught by terrorists in what was apparently a well-planned trap on the south bank of the Sweet Water Canal,less than a mile from a British road block and filtration plant at one of the main entrances to the ordnance depot at Tel El Kebir.

The patrol came under fire from three sides,and Bren-gunner Maciver was shot in the head by a sniper who then picked off the officer who took over the gun.

Men of the 3rd.Grenadier Guards were sent to the spot-in the same area as last Saturday's first major action in which 12 terrorists were killed and 41 captured-and bren-gun carriers were ferried across the canal under heavy fire.

A concentration of 3in. mortars was laid on the terrorists' positions which were also engaged by medium machine-gun fire.The Cameron Highlanders' patrol and the casualties were brought over in the carriers.

His father was 32 years in the R,N,R.and was a prisoner-of-war for four years after the fall of Antwerp during the First World War.