Carters and horses

Carters and Their Horses

Way back in my boyhood, in the years just before and after the first World War, I estimate that, give or take a hoof or two, there would be a legion of about forty horses in Tolsta, all colours, all sizes, some active, some lazy, some gentle, some bad tempered; the latter two characteristics shared by their owners.

Most were owned by the croft owners, i.e. the men who held the NUMBER. If he gifted for use by a younger brother, or other deserving relatives, part of the croft, he naturally kept the larger part to himself and this enabled him to keep a horse, which needed extra pasturage and hay to keep him in working trim. The relative would have to be content with keeping a cow and not aspire to the prestige of a horse.

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Merchant Navy

Dòmhnall Ghiogain - A Log Book of Memories

Tolsta couple Donald Maclean (Dòmhnall Ghiogain) and his wife Anna Dhànaidh entertained sailors from all over Scotland when they visited Mr and Mrs Maclean in their hospitable home in Vancouver. Many of their maritime visitors wrote their names, addresses and some information about their ships in the log book that the Macleans kept. We are reproducing the names of some of the Tolsta sailors, who visited them between the early 1930s and the late 1950s.

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Bonnie Lass incident

1935 Bonnie Lass incident

Some dates are imprinted in the history of Tolsta and Thursday 14th February 1935 is one such date.

For several days prior to the fourteenth, bad weather had been forecast, but on that day the weather appeared settled. The forecasted storm seemed to have passed by and several crews decided to go fishing with small lines.

Once the mid-day church meeting was over, five boats were launched from Giordail – the ‘Kate’, the ‘Zealanda’, the ‘Bonnie Lass’, the ‘Rìbhinn Og’ and the ‘Graceful’. They did not have the number of fishermen necessary to crew a sixth boat so, as was customary, the men with baited lines were divided out amongst the five boats and Murdo Mackenzie, (Tobaidh), New Tolsta ended up in the ‘Bonnie Lass’ on that day.

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