District News 1933

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Tolsta District News 1933 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



A pretty and interesting Wedding took place recently at No. 71 North Tolsta, the home of the bride, when Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Murray, was united in matrimony to Alexander, second son of Mr. and Mrs. Allan Murray, No. 22 Gress. Rev. Roderick MacKenzie, Back, officiated. The young couple who are well known in the district, were the recipients of numerous useful telegrams, from far and near, including three from Montreal. The bridegroom returned this year from Alaska, where he was employed in the gold mines. We wish the young couple every happiness.



Several questions affecting Lewis and Harris were asked in the House of Commons, on 4th July, by Mr. T. B. W. Ramsay, M.P. for the Western Isles.

Mr. Ramsay asked the Secretary of State for Scotland, if he would communicate with the Ministry of Transport, the County Council of Ross and Cromarty and the Department of Agriculture for Scotland, with the object of constructing the uncompleted Ness-Tolsta road in Lewis, either in one effort or by annual instalments, so as to take advantage of the large tract of land there available for the settlement of a considerable number of persons in holdings?

Sir G. Collins - "The question of the construction of the uncompleted portion of the Ness-Tolsta road, has been considered by the Lewis District Committee and by the Department of Agriculture at various times since the year 1923. I regret however, that in view of the heavy expenditure that the work would involve and of the comparitively limited benefits which would accrue to the Community, I cannot authorise the allocation of State funds for this purpose."

Mr. Ramsay - "Is the Right Honourable Gentleman aware that in the Ness district there is a congested population of 4000 people; is he further aware, that there are as many squatters in Lewis, desirous of holdings for these people, who would then have property of rateable value? Would it not be much better to do this than to spend money in Harris, where there is no such demand?"

Sir G. Collins - "I am afraid that, in reply to a question, I cannot debate the advisability of spending money in one place in preferance to another".

Mr. Ramsay - "Could it not be done by instalments?"

Mr. Speaker - "These questions would be better raised on the Scottish Estimates."