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District News 1937

Tolsta District News 1937 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



Now that each section of this area has exhausted its quota of fowls for the Hospital, it is hoped some other district will continue the supply. Doff hats to the Collectors!

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District News 1936

Tolsta District News 1936 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette


Mr. John Murray, 61 New Street, while acting the good Samaritan, slipped and fell heavily on the ice-covered road, dislocating his collar-bone. He is progressing favourably.



A moderate easterly breeze and drizzling rain on New Year's Eve, did not deter our youngsters from gathering all odds and ends of a likely combustible nature and setting fire to the same, at the appropriate hour. The only way to escape the noxious fumes from discarded tyres, was to get to windward of the blaze.

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District News 1935

Tolsta District News 1935 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



For the past few weeks the North Tolsta School has been closed, because of an epidemic of scarlet fever in the district. It is understood that occasional cases are still being reported.

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District News 1934

Tolsta District News 1934 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



At a Meeting of the Free Presbyterian congregation of North Tolsta, held to protest against the decision of the Traffic Commisssioners to permit buses to run in the Highlands on Sundays, the following resolution was passed:- "The Free Presbyterian congregation of North Tolsta, Lewis, wish to make their protest against the action of the Northern Traffic Commissioners, in granting seven days' Licences to the promoters of the Sabbath bus excursions, in the teeth of the opposition of the statutory representatives of the people of the northern counties, they congratulate heartily the County Councils upon the stand which they have made in the preservation of the religious interests of their constituents and they respectfully call upon the Ross County Council to take immediate steps to lodge an appeal with the Minister of Transport against this high-handed act."

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District News 1933

Tolsta District News 1933 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



A pretty and interesting Wedding took place recently at No. 71 North Tolsta, the home of the bride, when Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Murray, was united in matrimony to Alexander, second son of Mr. and Mrs. Allan Murray, No. 22 Gress. Rev. Roderick MacKenzie, Back, officiated. The young couple who are well known in the district, were the recipients of numerous useful telegrams, from far and near, including three from Montreal. The bridegroom returned this year from Alaska, where he was employed in the gold mines. We wish the young couple every happiness.

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District News 1932

Tolsta District News 1932 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



North Tolsta Public School closed for the Summer holidays on Thursday, 30th June, when the Prizes were handed out to the various Classes by Mr. Donald MacLeod.

Following in the Prize-list:-


1. Catherine Murray
2. Mary Murray
3. Christina Campbell


Donaldina Campbell

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District News 1931

Tolsta District News 1931 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



On the evening of Wednesday, 14th January, the children attending the Sabbath School of the West Coast Mission had their annual treat. Though the evening was wet and stormy, there was a very good attendance.

The School is carried on by Nurse Cameron and she, assisted by the lady Teachers of the Public School, gave the children a very happy evening. The proceedings were opened by Prayer and the singing of the 23rd Psalm. Tea, cake and fruit were then served and a number of Hymns were sung at intervals.

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District News 1930

Tolsta District News 1917 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



On Thursday, January 18th, the children attending the Sabbath School of the West Coast Mission, held their annual social evening in the School. After engaging in Prayer and Hymn singing, the company were entertained to songs by the children and a varied programme of gramophone selections, both in English and Gaelic. Thereafter, the youngsters sat down to tea, tastefully prepared by Mrs. Cameron. As on former occasions, the Secretary of the West Coast Mission showed his practical interest in the welfare of the children, by sending a supply of cake, etc. and to him and to the ladies who helped to make the entertainment a success, cordial thanks are tendered.

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