District News 1922

Tolsta District News 1919 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



Nurse Jessie Kelly, who started here at the end of last August, has resigned on account of ill-health. Mrs. Cameron, the new nurse, entered on duty on New Year's Day. Mrs. Cameron is a Queen's Nurse and prior to her marriage, was for some time in charge of a district in Argyllshire.


Whooping Cough has been raging in this district during the past six weeks. So far, with the exception of a few cases, the epidemic has been of a mild type. The last time Whooping Cough was in the district was eleven years ago. The School was opened last Monday, but only a few pupils were able to attend. The School has now been closed for a period of three weeks. There is also one case of measles in the district, one of the pupils attending the Nicolson Institute.

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District News 1921

Tolsta District News 1920 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



During the past month a great deal of trawling with-in the three mile limit has been going on on the Tolsta Sands and in Broad Bay. These trawlers make a point of arriving on the scene on Saturday, when they know the herring fishing fleet has cleared out and they trawl there continuously till Monday morning. People here are wondering what the Fishery Cruiser is doing every weekend, since she could account for many trawlers in close proximity to the Aird of Tolsta.



The local boats were out with the nets at the beginning of this week and they had shots ranging from two to six crans. At the time of writing - Friday night - there is a large fleet of drifters on the Tolsta Sands. We understand one or two trawlers were caught by the Fishery Cruiser, near 
Tolsta Head, at the beginning of the week.

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District News 1920

Tolsta District News 1920 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



There was submitted a letter from the Scottish Board of Health, dated 19th November, 1919, requesting to be furnished with a further report with regard to the outbreak of diphtheria at North Tolsta. With regard to the proposal to erect a small hospital near the Nurse's Cottage at Tolsta, the Board state, that they will be glad to learn the result of the Local Authorities inquiries in this connection and they draw attention to the fact that an arrangement of this nature will involve the employment of another Nurse.
A report by the Sanitary Inspector on the subject, with his estimate of the cost of a small hospital with the necessary furnishings, would cost from £350 to £400. The Clerk read the reply, which he had forwarded to the Board and the Committee approved of same.
The Committee decided to make no recommendation on the subject of the proposed hospital, until a report is received from the Medical Officer for the Lewis Hospital.


Two of the local small boats are out tonight (Monday) with their nets. There are about 150 Drifters tonight on the Tolsta Sands and the view they present is magnificent, the whole bay being a crescent of brilliant lights.

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