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School records 1923

School records 1923

October 1923

5th - Weather very cold this week. Several of the children have no boots.

9th - Hurricane blowing. No pupils turned up this morning

10th - Better day, but stormy afternoon. Dismissed at 2.30

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District News 1929

Tolsta District News 1929 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



The children attending the Sabbath School carried on under the auspices of the West Coast Mission by Nurse Cameron, had their annual soiree on Friday, 17th January.

There was a large turn-out of children and a very pleasant evening was spent. Mrs. Cameron was ably assisted by Mrs. MacLeod, Schoolhouse and by three of the lady teachers. Mr. Murdo MacLeod, M.A., Headmaster of the local School, opened the Meeting with Prayer.

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District News 1928

Tolsta District News 1928 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



The steam drifter," Ocean Pride", of Nairn, INV88.53, was on 11th January, sunk in a collision, with the Aberdeen trawler," Princess Mary". After the collision, which occurred in the Minch off Tolsta Head, the vessels drifted apart and in a short time the "Ocean Pride", signalled that she was sinking.

Before the trawler could come alongside, the drifter's crew of ten men had taken to their boat. After some manoeuvering, they got on board the "Princess Mary". Half an hour later, the report of the drifter's boiler bursting was heard and she disappeared. The trawler had her bow badly twisted and was taking in water in the fore-peak. Owing to the state of the weather, she was unable to make for Stornoway and lay in Broad Bay till day light, with the Fleetwood trawler, "Cosmos", standing by. The " Princess Mary" steamed slowly round to Stornoway and landed the crew of the " Ocean Pride".

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District News 1927

Tolsta District News 1927 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



Miss M. G. Fraser, M.A.,has been appointed an Assistant Teacher in the School. Miss Fraser is a native of Tain.


Only a few months ago, we took notice in this column of the Wedding of Mr. John MacDonald, "Searraidh" and Miss Mary MacDonald, 12 Tolsta. This week it is our sorrowful part to intimate the death of Mrs. MacDonald, which took place suddenley, last Sunday evening. The sympathy of every member of the community is with the bereaved husband and relatives.

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District News 1926

Tolsta District News 1926 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



The Hon. Secretary of the Local Nursing Association, begs to acknowledge with thanks, a donation of 10s towards the Funds of the Association, from Mr. Angus MacIver, Offord Street, London. Mr. MacIver, is an old Tolsta boy and for some years now has been contributing towards the Nursing Funds and also towards the Funds of the Lewis Hospital.



The annual treat, which for the past many years has been given to the children attending the W.C.M. Sunday School, was held on the evening of Friday, 15th January. Mrs. Cameron and the other ladies connected with the W.C.M. work in the village, have always deserved the highest credit for their unselfish efforts on behalf of the children and as on former occasions, neither time nor trouble was spared, to make the treat on Friday evening the success it was.

The large amount of children and the happy spirit which seemed to inspire everyone present, not to speak of the dainty spread to which the youthful company sat down, were all that could be wished for.

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District News 1925

Tolsta District News 1925 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



The School closed for the Christmas vacation on Friday, 26th December, to be re-opened on Monday, 5th January.


Mr. Arthur D.C. MacKay, (Edinburgh), has been appointed to the School in addition to the present Staff. Mr. MacKay, who is a native of Sutherlandshire and a Gaelic speaker, will take up duties on 12th January.

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District News 1924

Tolsta District News 1924 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



On Thursday, 20th December, Mr. John MacMillan, (Donald), Glen Tolsta, was married to Christina, eldest daughter of Mr. Murdo MacKay, 42 North Tolsta. The Rev. Roderick MacKenzie, Back, officiated. During the past two years, there have not been so many local weddings as there used to be in previous years, but altogether over forty local couples have been married since the end of the War.


About a score of the village men have been engaged in metal breaking during the past three weeks. Several of these men had previous experience of this kind of work, but the remuneration received for the work finished, has been so poor, that the men ceased operations last week. It worked out at only three pence an hour. The stones obtainable in the neighbourhood of the quarries, where the men worked, were somewhat difficult to break. Reports from the Back district show, that the pay was equally poor there. It is to be hoped, that work of a more remunerative kind will be provided for the needy people, of whom there are thousands today in Lewis. If the men were allowed to start resurfacing the roads, where such is required, they would certainly make a living wage. Those here have a good deal of experience in road-making.

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District News 1923

Tolsta District News 1923 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



Miss M. R. Munro, of the Northern College of Agriculture, gave the last of her series of Lectures on Poultry in the Tolsta School, on 13th December. There was a large attendance, Mr. D. MacDonald, presiding. Miss Munro's Lectures were all well attended and a note-worthy feature of these Meetings was the large number of women folk who turned out. Miss Munro also gave two Lectures to the Senior pupils of the School and she visited several homes in the district, where she had homely talks with the people on poultry rearing, feeding and housing.



On Thursday, 28th December, at 32 North Tolsta, Mr. Murdo Campbell, 54 North Tolsta, was married to Miss Margaret MacIver, daughter of Norman MacIver, 32 North Tolsta. Rev. Roderick MacKenzie, Back, officiated. On the same date, at 9 North Tolsta, Mr. Duncan MacGregor, Kishorn, was married to Miss Annie Nicolson, 9 North Tolsta. Rev. Neil MacIntyre, Stornoway, officiated.

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