District News 1928

Tolsta District News 1928 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



The steam drifter," Ocean Pride", of Nairn, INV88.53, was on 11th January, sunk in a collision, with the Aberdeen trawler," Princess Mary". After the collision, which occurred in the Minch off Tolsta Head, the vessels drifted apart and in a short time the "Ocean Pride", signalled that she was sinking.

Before the trawler could come alongside, the drifter's crew of ten men had taken to their boat. After some manoeuvering, they got on board the "Princess Mary". Half an hour later, the report of the drifter's boiler bursting was heard and she disappeared. The trawler had her bow badly twisted and was taking in water in the fore-peak. Owing to the state of the weather, she was unable to make for Stornoway and lay in Broad Bay till day light, with the Fleetwood trawler, "Cosmos", standing by. The " Princess Mary" steamed slowly round to Stornoway and landed the crew of the " Ocean Pride".


The Hon. Treasurer, Mr. Roderick MacKay, Post Office, begs to acknowledge with thanks, receipt of a Donation of ten shillings, from Mr. Angus MacIver, of London, towards the Funds of the Nursing Association of the district. Mr. MacIver, who is an old Tolsta boy, has been forwarding similar Donations for a number of years. The local Subscription this year amounted to £20 9s 3d and this, in addition to maternity fees, makes a substantial contribution from the locality. The people of the district have always been giving liberally towards the Fund.



The annual treat given to the children attending the Sabbath School, conducted by Nurse Cameron, under the auspices of the Glasgow and West Coast Mission, took place in the local School, on Friday, 13th January. There was a large number of children present and a very enjoyable evening was spent.

Nurse Cameron was assisted by Mrs. MacLeod, Schoolhouse and by Miss M. MacLeod, Miss C. MacArthur and Mr. Allan Cameron. The proceedings opened by singing a Psalm and thereafter tea was served.

Mr. John Duff as usual, sent this year again a liberal supply of cake and this, in addition to what was locally subscribed, provided the children with a very substantial treat.

After tea, the little ones sang several Psalms and Hymns and there were also sacred selections on the gramophone. These treats have been annually provided for the past fifteen years and the little ones look forward to the yearly soiree with great delight. 
Mr. Duff, the organising Secretary of the Mission, forwards every year liberal contributions and to himself and to the Directors of the Mission, we are greatly indebted for their interest in the welfare of the district.

It may here be mentioned, that the West Coast Mission pays the major part of the cost of the Nursing services in the North Tolsta area. But probably the little ones going home that night with their bags of fruit, thought more of their own treat, than they did of any other advantages bestowed upon the locality, however beneficient these may be.



At a Public Meeting of Fishermen held here on Friday evening, Mr. Paterson, Inspector, Scottish Board of Health, said that English Fishermen, through their M.P.'s, had asked the Government to amend the National Health and Pensions Insurance Acts, so as to include Fishermen. They received a pledge from the Government and then Scottish M.P.'s, particularly Mr. Templeton and Mr. Boothby, agitated for their Constituents and while an absolute pledge had not been given in their case, the Government would undoubtedly include Scottish Fishermen too. If Fishermen thought they could not pay up arrears of contributions however, it would be no benefit to them to be included under the Scheme, for in each year, a minimum average of 39 contributions, had to be paid.

Fishermen were divided into four classes:- 1. Hired hands with no gear
2. Hired hands with nets in the boat
3. Hands who were part owners of the boat, with nets
4. Boat owners ashore

The first two classes were certain to be included, but class 4 would be excluded. Contribution would have to be compulsory off the gross earnings and the Skipper would be responsible for affixing the stamps. There was a very large attendance and on the whole, the feeling was in favour of the Scheme.