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Tolsta District News 1926 as reported in the Stornoway Gazette



The Hon. Secretary of the Local Nursing Association, begs to acknowledge with thanks, a donation of 10s towards the Funds of the Association, from Mr. Angus MacIver, Offord Street, London. Mr. MacIver, is an old Tolsta boy and for some years now has been contributing towards the Nursing Funds and also towards the Funds of the Lewis Hospital.



The annual treat, which for the past many years has been given to the children attending the W.C.M. Sunday School, was held on the evening of Friday, 15th January. Mrs. Cameron and the other ladies connected with the W.C.M. work in the village, have always deserved the highest credit for their unselfish efforts on behalf of the children and as on former occasions, neither time nor trouble was spared, to make the treat on Friday evening the success it was.

The large amount of children and the happy spirit which seemed to inspire everyone present, not to speak of the dainty spread to which the youthful company sat down, were all that could be wished for.

Any account of the event of Friday evening would surely be incomplete, without mention of the keen interest in the children's welfare, which has always been shown by Mr. John Duff, Secretary of the West Coast Mission, Glasgow. A large and varied consignment of eatables was on this occasion again received from Mr. Duff.



Last week, two of the senior Schoolgirls made a Collection in the district, in aid of the Northern Counties Institute for the Blind. The Collectors, Mary MacIver, 41 and Annie Murray, 71, are to be warmly congratulated on the success of their efforts, which have enabled the Headmaster to send in the sum of £6 0s 3d, to Mr. Kenneth MacLean, the representative of the Institute in Lewis.


The first of a series of Lectures on Agriculture, was given in the School, on Monday, 18th January, by Mr. Angus MacLeod, B.Sc. (Agri.). Mr. MacLeod has taken as his subject "Can Crofts be improved?" and the remaining Lectures will be delivered on successive Mondays. Part of Mr. MacLeod's programme, is to call on Crofters individually at suitable times and to advise them about modern means and methods.



On seeing that it was not convenient to hold a Concert in the School, a Committee of Miss Isabella MacLeod, 58; Miss Margaret MacLeod, 34; Miss Jane Thomson, Teacher; Mr. Kenneth MacDonald, 51 and Mr. John Murray, 61, decided to make a house to house Collection, in aid of the Lewis Hospital.

This has proved a much more successful method of raising Funds and the sum of £16 2s; 21 dozen eggs and 4 bags of potatoes, have been handed over to the Matron. This is splendid in view of the fact that quite recently, the Free Presbyterian Church sent £4 direct to the Hospital and the Free Church, £3 2s 6d, per Rev. R. MacKenzie, Back, making in all, well over £23. The Collecting Committee wish to thank the people of Tolsta, for their generous response to their call and for their kindness to the Collectors themselves on their rounds. Special credit is due to the Elders and Office-bearers of both Churches, for their very helpful interest in the matter and Mr. Donald MacLeod, Merchant, who along with Mr. Angus MacLeod, Merchant, tapped the subscription list and saw to the safe packing and delivery of the eggs and potatoes.


The local Nursing Committee met on Wednesday of last week, Mr. John MacLennan, Convenor, presiding. Mr. Roderick MacKay, Secretary and Treasurer, submitted Nurse Cameron's Report for the past year. It showed that the Nurse during the year, had attended 274 patients, including 26 maternity cases and had paid 2,163 visits to these patients. The Committee thereafter had under consideration the revised rules issued by the
Board of Health, in which it is required that a sum of 2s 6d annually be paid by each family for the services of the Nurse. This is an increase of one shilling per family. The Collectors reported that this new Levy was cheerfully given and thus a proportional increase was made in the collection, which amounted to £24 19s. This, the Committee considered very satisfactory, in view of the failure of the fishing and the scarcity of employment. The nurse and the Collectors were cordially thanked for their services. That Nurse Cameron paid so many visits to the sick during the year, clearly shows that she worked strenuously during that period and that her own and the West Coast Mission's services are appreciated.



On Wednesday, 28th April, Dr. Brodie, S.M.O. for the County, paid his usual visit and examined the School children. He was accompanied by the Assistant Medical Officer and Nurse Cameron.


Nurse Christina MacKay, 42 Tolsta, is at present carrying on the work of District Nurse, in the absence of Nurse Cameron on holiday.



On Friday last, the Rev. Mr. MacKenzie, Back, visited the School and examined all the Classes in Bible Knowledge and Shorter Catechism.


Last Session at Glasgow University, Mr. Donald Cameron, Medical Student, made a name for himself as a long-distance runner and this Session, he has added considerably to his reputation as an athlete, by being made a "Full Blue" - the highest honour which the University can confer for prowess in sport. He has fully justified the destinction, for, at the annual University Sports held recently at Glasgow, he came in first in the One Mile and Three Mile races. With two years of University life before him, Mr. Cameron bids fair to acquire fame beyond the precincts of Gilmorehill and we hope to hear more of his achievements on the field of inter-University athletics.



The School was closed for the Summer holidays, on Wednesday, 7th July. Mr. Donald MacLeod, Merchant, was present at the closing Meeting and distributed Prizes to the following Pupils.

ADVANCED DIVISION 1. Annie Murray (71)
 2. Donald MacDonald (48)

PRIMARY V1 1. Murdo MacKay 
2. Mary MacIver

PRIMARY V 1. Isabella Morrison and Margaret Murray (Equal) 
3. Angus Murray
 4. Margaret Smith
 5. Christina Murray (71) and Christina MacMillan (Equal)

PRIMARY 1V 1. Murdo Graham
 2. Jessie MacIver
 3. Jessie Smith 
4. Donald Campbell
 5. Catherine Smith

PRIMARY 111 1. Christina MacDonald
  2. John MacIver
 3. John Morrison 
4. Johanna Smith and John Murray (Equal)

PRIMARY 11 1. Donald MacRitchie and Agnes MacIver (Equal)
 3. Mary Campbell
 4. Colin Campbell 
5. Johanna MacRitchie

PRIMARY 1 1. Angus MacLeod
 2. Christina MacLeod 
3. Roderick MacKay
 4. Andrew MacIver

HIGHER INFANTS 1. Mary Ann Morrison and Christina Murray (Equal)
 3. Donald Graham
 4. Roderick MacIver 5. William Murray


JUNIOR INFANTS 1. Donald W. MacLeod 
2. Donald Smith
 3. Annie MacIver (Alex) 
4. Angus MacLeod
 5. Mary MacInnes
 6. Margaret Nicolson

Special Prize for Gaelic presented by the Royal Celtic Society - Angus Murray, Primary V. Special Prizes for Perfect Attendance -

INFANTS - Christina MacIver, Christina Murray, Angus MacLeod.

PRIMARY 1 - Christina MacLeod

PRIMARY 1V - Catherine Smith

A Nursery picture book was presented to each of the 32 Pupils enrolled in the Lower Infant Class during the Session.



In a Juvenile Court at Stornoway on Friday, eight boys from North Tolsta, pledged guilty to having broken a number of telegraph insulators between Back and Tolsta. Hon. Sherrif Substitute, Kenneth MacKenzie, who presided, ordered the parents to find caution in the sum of £1 each, for the good behaviour of their boys for six months.Two other boys from the village pled guilty to having set fire to a stack of peats. In their case also the parents were ordered to find caution in the sum of £1 each for the good behaviour of the accused for six months.



A Wedding of considerable local interest was celebrated on September 28th at 12 North Tolsta, the home of the Bride's mother, when Mary, eldest daughter of the late John and Mrs. MacDonald, was united in wedlock to Mr. John MacDonald (Searraidh), Car hirer, Tolsta.


This Club, set on foot last Spring by Mr. Angus MacLeod, of the College of Agriculture, has proved a great success. No other turnip plot in the village can compare in quantity or quality with the plots laid out and managed on their own Crofts by the Members of the Club - fact which shows that good results can be obtained, even by boys, with seeds of proved merit and the help of suitable artificial manure. The Members, who are highly pleased with the results of the experiments, feel greatly indebted to Mr. MacLeod and his colleague, Mr. Kennedy, for the unvaluable help which they gave the Club from the beginning.



The Hon. Treasurer of the North Tolsta Nursing Association, begs to acknowledge with thanks, a donation of 10s towards the local Nursing Fund, from Mr. Angus MacIver, London. Mr. MacIver, who is an old Tolsta boy, had on former occasions sent donations towards this Fund.