Battle of Jutland

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Category: 1910

The following Tolstonians took part in this battle


Murdo Macdonald 28 Murchadh MhicCeoch

Gunner on H.M.S.Queen Elizabeth

Angus Maciver 33B Aonghas Gobha

Gunner on a destroyer,wounded the
previous day. Lost at Jutland

Alex.Maclennan Alick Sheogaidh


John Macleod Seonaidh Choinnich

Was in the second Battle of the Falklands .Lost on H.M.S.Invincible

Murdo Murray  Hill St.Burns

Also served at the Falklands. Lost on H.M.S.Invincible

John Smith A'Chrogais

Sadly wounded at Jutland. Became a missionary in Berneray,Harris. Later
died of his wounds at Coll