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Heisgeir crumbling

Heisgeir erosion

Heisgeir - part of the centre stack at Heisgeir fell recently – something that had been a permanent feature in Tolsta Head for hundreds of years.

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Unveiling of Plaques

Completing the Comann Eachdraidh Project

On the afternoon of Saturday 25th February members of the Comann Eachdraidh and friends met in the Community Hall before making their way to Garry Bridge and then on to the Cladach to unveil the completed information boards at the Garry Bridge and at the Cladach.

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Information plaques

Informative Plaques at Garry Bridge and the Cladach

The informative plaques at Garry Bridge and at the Cladach are now in place. Villagers and visitors are finding them very helpful.

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Autumn 2012 Seanchas

Autumn edition of Seanchas on sale now

The autumn edition of Seanchas is now on sale at the usual outlets. 

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