Tolsta Shielings Booklet

Tolsta Shielings
The Historical Society completed the project on the Tolsta Shielings and produced a booklet with the title Tolsta Shielings.
Between the eighteenth and the early twentieth century it was customary for crofters throughout the islands to move to shielings in spring with their cattle and sheep and remain on the moor, herding their stock during the summer months. Over the years many incidents were recalled and stories were passed on by oral tradition, usually in the ceilidh houses during the winter. This publication made possible through Heritage Lottery Funding is essential reading as it captures this important aspect of our local history for future generations.
The booklet contains research carried out by the committee and includes the positions of shielings as registered by the youngsters who tramped the moor.

This 44-page A5 booklet is on sale at Buth Tholastaidh, and at several shops in Stornoway: Price £6.
It can also be purchased directly from the North Tolsta Historical Society for £6 including p. and p.