Minutes - July 2014

Note of the Meeting of the North Tolsta Historical Society at the Comann  Eachdraidh Room on Wednesday 2nd. July 2014 at 7.30pm.

1.PRESENT : D. Murray, T. Edgar, D. Maciver,  M. Murray, S. Maciver, D. Macdonald, C. M. Smith, C. Macleod, A. Mackenzie, E. Mackenzie

APOLOGIES :    M. Maciver                                                 CHAIR :    D. Murray

2.Minute of Meeting of 5th  May  2014

Correction:  Minute said that D. Maciver was present. This should have said D. Murray. Minute of meeting was then approved.

3.Matters Arising.

Seanchas :  At the present time there are quite a number of Seanchas left at the various retail outlets. Print run is 430 and this could be reduced to 400 for the next edition. Donald has asked if grant would be available for enlarging photographs for WW1 display.  All photographs would have to be submitted to Museum for prior approval.  Cathie Mary to enquire.

4.Comann Eachdraidh Computer

D. Macaskill has now repaired the computer. License Key No. had to be retrieved. Bill for £126 has been paid. The new computer is now functioning properly.

5. Heritage Sites Project - New  Grant Expiry Date is 30th.  September 2014

 Extension for this project has now been granted. We will have to get photographs and GPS readings of      shieling sites.  Eventually these photographs will be linked to the data on Heb. Connections website. Donald and  Anna to ask some teenagers, who have shown an interest in the project, to take photographs and GPS readings at the shieling sites.   Donald has begun to plot co-ordinates for local Historical Sites on to spreadsheets.  

Effects of WW1 on the Village of North Tolsta - Updates including mainland visit and website.

The trip to the mainland was voted a huge success and CE gathered lots of information.  A BIG THANK YOU to Cathie Mary for all her work in organising this trip. 

C. Macleod to write ‘Thank You’ letters to Highlanders’ Museum, Fort  George;   Gordons’ Museum, Aberdeen and Spa Coaches.

C. M. suggested and the committee agreed that we should arrange to have a short service at the local War Memorial on Monday 4th August at 12 noon.  Donald to speak to Rev  R. Campbell and  I. Macaskill. After the service, everyone will be invited back to the hall for soup and sandwiches.  CM. to book hall. We will have a display in the hall of photographs and all the other material we have. This will hopefully encourage more people to look out  material which they may have at home. 

C.M. to contact R. Doig and S. Matheson . We hope to have them as guest speakers at a Social Evening in the hall. Two possible dates were suggested; 26th.  September and 10th October.

C.M. had been speaking to J. Macleod, who hopes to organise a trip with Spa Coaches to the Continent to Flanders and to various other War Museums. This would be sometime in 2015. If anyone is interested please contact Cathie Mary.

7. Income Generating Information

Subcommittee ( Anna, Donald, Emma and Christina) met on Fri. 20t. June. We gave Donna Dorris the information she had requested; Logo, photo of C.E.etc and  put the requested data onto spreadsheets.

8. Hebridean Connections and Tasglann

Heb. Connections website up and running again.

Hebridean Connections are offering some new training opportunities :

•Basics of wordpress, for those who wish to set up a blog.

•Excel spreadsheets at basic or more advanced levels

•Image scanning and retouching using Photoshop Elements.

If you are interested please get in touch with Donna This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

David Powell has contacted C.E. asking for someone to visit museum to look through albums to identify which photos came from Tolsta. Committee agreed to renew membership of Third Sector Hebrides.  £15 is the cost of membership.

9. Seanchas

We have some material for the Autumn edition of Seanchas - Prize winners at the School; Update on turbine; Mainland Trip; Summer camp for children; Visit of the Met Officers to Nandag in Bethesda - Jock to write text for this.  Lewis Mackenzie will write article about the new ferry for the winter Edition of Seanchas. 

10.  Finance and Correspondence    Balance to date is £15,310. 82

Request for information on the Fishing boat Dove  SY 516. Donald Maciver (5) remembered this boat.  It was owned by Murdo Macleod , (76) and was sold to Mallaig for basking shark fishing.  This was recorded in Gavin Maxwell’s book.

Mairi Mills enquiring about Martins from Tolsta.

Enquiry from Donna Posskitt re Cemetery plots. This enquiry will be forwarded to Cemetery Trust.

CLD Services and The Nicolson Institute Invited N.T.H.S. to a meeting in the Caladh Inn on 10 June.

Anna attended meeting of Heb Connections steering Group on 2nd. June