Minutes - May 2014

Category: Publications

Note of the Meeting of the North Tolsta Historical Society at the Comann Eachdraidh Room on Monday 5th. May 2014 at 8p.m.

1.PRESENT: D. Maciver, C.M. Smith, D. Macdonald, R. Macmillan, E. Mackenzie, T. Edgar, C. Macleod, M. Murray, S. Maciver.

APOLOGIES:   A. Mackenzie, M. Maciver, D. Maciver.   CHAIR :  D. Murray.

2.Minute of Meeting of 20th.  February 2014 was approved

3.Matters arising.

Projector has been bought from Donald Macaskill.

4.Seanchas - Summer Edition

T. Edgar is the new editor of Seanchas.  He has enough material for the next edition.  Committee agreed to keep to the print run of 430 for the next edition of Seanchas.  At the present time the village does not have a correspondent for the Stornoway Gazette and several people have suggested that the Seanchas could include more village news.  This was discussed and committee agreed that it would not be appropriate for  Seanchas to include village news as Seanchas is only published four times a year.  Committee agreed to ask D. Maciver if he would be willing to be the village correspondent for the Stornoway Gazette as Tolsta” exiles” are missing the “Tolsta News .”

5. Heritage Sites - Finish date 30th. June 2014. New developments on mapping place names.

K. Maciver has been assisting D. Murray. They have begun to plot co-ordinates for local Historical Sites on to spread sheets e.g. co-ordinates for shielings, hillocks, streams etc. As weather has been so wet over recent months it has been extremely difficult to visit places on the moor. As a result of this we are going to find it very difficult to complete the project in the given timescale. Committee agreed that Donald should contact Lottery to ask for a three months extension to complete the project.

6. Hebridean Connections

A. Mackenzie has been inputting information on people.

D. Macdonald has been inputting information on crofts.

7. Effects of WW1 on the Village  -  Website and Update - Cathie Mary

G. and C. from CGW Web Services came to the C.E. to show us the work they had done on the website. Committee were very happy with work done to date and the way website was progressing.  C.M. working closely with them to ensure that content and layout are to her satisfaction.

C.M. also visited the local primary school.  Donald and C.M.  accompanied the school children on a visit to the local War Memorial. Donald spoke to the children and C.M. helped them plant poppy seeds beside the Memorial. During the Summer Holidays we hope to host a Social Evening in the Hall to display photographs etc and encourage more people to send in any material.

8. Use of C.E. Computers

Committee agreed to ask Donald Macaskill to install new software on the computers.

9. Per Capita Grant and Equipment Grant

 Per capita Grant of £500 received from C.N.E.S.     Donald to ask about enlarging some photographs which we hope to use in our WW1 display.

10. Income Generating Workshop.

Donald attended this workshop which was held in the Caladh Inn , Stornoway on 14th. April 2014. Donald circulated copies of Report on this Workshop.  All ten Comann Eachdraidh representatives who attended this workshop were asked to list their products and services with the aim of identifying potential sources of income through online sales.

11. Finance and Correspondence

Balance to date is £15,952.50


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