Minutes - November 2013

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Note of the Meeting of the North Tolsta Historical Society at the Comann Eachdraidh Room on Tuesday 26th. November 2013

PRESENT: D. Murray, E. Mackenzie, S. Maciver, C.M. Smith, M. Maciver, A. Mackenzie, C. Macleod, M. Murray, T. Edgar, D. Macdonald Apologies: D. Maciver Chair: D. Murray

Minute of meeting of Tuesday 15th. October was approved.

No matters arising from minutes.

Heritage Sites in North Tolsta - Progress Report -D. Murray
Recordings to date: Cathie Mary and Sandra have interviewed Murdo Morrison and Mary Mackenzie.
Donald has interviewed Jessie Maciver and also recorded some of his own memories of the sheilings. C.M. has interviewed John Macleod.

G.P.S. Training session is to be held in the Caladh Inn on the 9th. December 9.30 - 4.30.
7 members of the committee hope to attend this training. This training day will be on mapping, using GPS units and learning more about the technology. Another 3 GPS devices have been ordered. Morag has sent a message to say that she will be able to send maps which will be of great assistance for this project.

Hebridean Connections - Update D. Murray We are delighted that all the Brothers Keeper Records were transferred successfully into the new Hebridean Connections database.

Effects on the Village of North Tolsta WW1 - Update Cathie Mary
£9000 grant for this project has now been paid into the account. C.M. has visited the museum at Fort George. They were very interested in the project and said they would have an archivist on hand to assist when C.M. arranged the next visit to the museum. C. M. has already done a lot of research about Tolsta men who served in the First World War. At the beginning of next year we hope to set up the new website where all this information will be readily available. Committee to find out what Disclosures are needed if we involve children under 16 in the project.

Facebook and Website - T.Edgar
Facebook page has been a big success. There has been a lot of interest and lots of positive feedback. A big “Thank You “ Taylor for updating Facebook regularly.

Museum nan Eilean Conference - Update D. Maciver and Anna Mackenzie.
Anna and Donald attended “ Building a Heritage Network Conference” Two of the main speakers at this conference were Joanne Orr ( Museum Galleries Scotland) and Steve Capes (Cambridgeshire County Council). Summary will be sent out shortly to all participants at the event.

Scotland’s Places Training in the Library - Nov. 4th. 2013.
Donald, Christina, Cathie Mary, Anna and D. Macdonald attended this training.
They have started to transcribe some of the material on this site. A very interesting project but they are sometimes finding it difficult to decipher some of the writing.

Seanchas seems to be selling quite well in the local shops. Having front and back pages in colour makes it more attractive. Now looking for articles for next edition!!

Finance and Correspondence
Balance at 26th. November 2013 was £ 19,276.42
Visit from P5-P7 with their teacher Mrs. Macdonald. This visit was about their school project.
Visit from Mairi Jones’s daughters. They very kindly donated £50 to the C.E.
Donna Doris (Hebridean Connections) requested information about C.E. which they could use in their newsletter.
Also request from Museum for photos which they could use in their Museum Exhibition.
Visit from man from Argentina. He was related to a Mr Stewart from Back who was Headmaster in Tolsta in the late nineteenth century.
Alan Cumming has been in touch. He is hoping to get copies of several letters from Jane Cameron. Mr Cumming wrote an article in the West Highland Free Press recently. Next article will mention Jane Cameron.

A.O.C.B. - Morag has now started work in Aberdeen. On behalf of the Committee, Donald thanked Morag for all her work as a member of the committee and we all send Morag our best wishes in the new job.
More office supplies needed -paper, envelopes, printer ink, plastic sleeves, memory sticks, memory cards etc.. Anna to buy supplies.