Minutes - October 2013

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Note of the Meeting of the North Tolsta Historical Society, at the Comann Eachdraidh Room, North Tolsta on Tuesday 15th. October 2013

PRESENT: D. Murray, E. Mackenzie, Cllr. J.A. Maciver, T. Edgar, C. Macleod, D. Maciver, M.Macdonald, M.Murray, C.M.Smith.

APOLOGIES : D. Macdonald, J. Macleod, A. Mackenzie. CHAIR : D. Murray

Minute of meeting of Wednesday 7th. August 2013 was approved.

Matters arising 
No matters arising from Minutes

Heritage Sites in North Tolsta - Progress to Date
D. Murray and C.M. Smith attended Oral History Training on 24th August. They both found this training very informative as it gave excellent advice about the preparation necessary before going out to interview people in the community.
We now have all the new equipment: G.P.S. equipment, Recorders, Camera etc.
We already have quite a lot of information from D. Macdonald’s writings---this is information about location of shielings and ownership of the various shielings.
D. Murray to interview Jessie Macleod.
C.M. Smith and S. Maciver to interview Mary Mackenzie.
C.M. Smith to ask A.M. Henderson to go with her to interview John Macleod.
J.A. Maciver to interview Murdo Maciver
Morag to download maps from 1890 showing location of the shielings beside lochs to be identified
Training in GPS use and mapping needed for members of committee.

Hebridean Connections
Heb Connections Demo by Donna Doris was held in Tigh Ceilidh 14th. August 2013.
Several committee members attended this meeting, where Donna showed the Demonstration version of the new Hebridean Connections System.

Brothers Keeper with Tristan ap Rheinallt was held in C. E. Room 1st. October 2013
T. Edgar, D. Maciver, D. Murray and A. Mackenzie attended this meeting. A copy of our Brothers Keeper was given to Tristan.

First World War and its Effects on the Village of North Tolsta
We have been awarded £9000 from HLF for this Project. This is a 2 year project and the start date for this project is 1st. November 2013. Thanks to Cathie Mary for her work in securing this funding.

Facebook----Social Media Training 31st. August in Caberfeidh Hotel
Taylor and Anna attended this training session which was run by Voluntary Action Scotland.
This was to enable voluntary organisations to make better use of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to publicise the work that is being done by the various organisations.
Our C.E. now has a very successful Facebook page. A big” Thank You” to T. Edgar for his work in updating Facebook and Webpage regularly.

Museum nan Eilean Conference Building a Heritage Network 29th, October 2013 in Caladh Inn
D. Maciver and A. Mackenzie expect to attend this conference.

It was agreed that the next edition of Seanchas would have two pages in colour. Cost of printing will be £480; Phil to continue to print Seanchas. This edition will have articles about the World War 1 Project, opening of local Playpark, recent graduates, Tolsta football team’s success in the Welfare league etc.

Other Meetings and Enquiries 
Enquiry about nurse from Tolsta called Jane Cameron who served abroad during the First World War.
Enquiry from Dena Davidson-Johnson wanting information about No. 49.
Request from Bill Lawson to say he would like to host a launch for his new website in Tolsta. This website is for records of the Parish of Stornoway.

Finance and Correspondence
Balance at 15th.October 2013 was £10,159.06