Minutes - July 2013

Note of the North Tolsta Historical Society at the Schoolhouse North Tolsta on Wednesday 3 July at 7.30p.m

  1. PRESENT:  D. Murray, E. Mackenzie, A. Mackenzie, S. Maciver, M. Maciver, M. Murray, C. Macleod, J. Macleod, T. Edgar, M. Macdonald, C.M. Smith. Apologies: D. Macdonald, D. Maciver. Chair: D. Murray
  2. Minute of meeting of 27th  May 2013 Note of the meeting of 27th May was approved.
  3. Matters arising. Tobar an Dualchais has now returned the material which the C.E.  sent. These tapes are now in a digitised format. There has been a very positive feedback to the C.E. Facebook page. Cllrs. John A. Maciver, C. Stewart and D. Crichton have each given £200 from their Ward Initiative Fund towards the cost of equipment. Committee agreed that Sec. should write a letter to each councillor to thank them for their generous donation.
  4. Cladach Track and Sign--update;  Aird Walk and Entrance Sign—update. Sign for Cladach Road cost £48.     Repairs to Cladach Road cost £240. D. Murray has applied to Grazings – Committee for financial support for sign and repairs to road. This will be discussed at their next meeting on Friday 5th July. 
  5. Seanchas It was agreed that the next edition of Seanchas would have 4 pages in colour-(front and back cover.)  It would be too costly to have all the pages in colour. Committee also discussed whether the next edition of Seanchas should have adverts. It was agreed that the policy of NOT having adverts would continue. Next edition would feature School prize giving, Graduates with Tolsta connections as well as a special feature on the community turbine.
  6. Project - Heritage Sites in Tolsta - Development Programme. We are delighted that our Lottery Application has been successful. Subcommittee formed to purchase the necessary equipment. (Morag, D. Murray, D. Maciver. Donald to ask D. Macaskill and Morag to ask K. Smith if they would be willing to attend meeting to advise about suitable equipment which should be purchased).
  7. H.L.F’s First World War Programme - update from Cathie Mary Cathie Mary has done a lot of research and has investigated the requirements for this project. The C.E. would look at this project from the perspective of the First World War and its effects on the village then and now.  We already have a lot of material relating to the First War in the C. E. and C.M. spoke about involving community, especially the young in this project. C. M will now fill in Application form to the Heritage Lottery Fund.
  8. Visitors and Enquiries. Theresa Campbell from Lanntair requested copies of photos of people working in the peats. Coinneach Mor interviewed Donald about Operation Cauldron. There were also several visitors : Alex Macmillan from Ontario, Donald Campbell from Wales, Peter Macleod from Canada, Catriona Tawse from Strathpeffer, descendants of Macfarlanes who left Tolsta to go to Calgary Canada.
  9. Finance and Correspondence.         Finances stand at £12,510.86