NTHS Minutes - March 2013

Category: Publications

Note of the Meeting of the North Tolsta Historical Society at the Schoolhouse, North Tolsta on Tuesday 12th March 2013 at 7.30p.m 


  1. PRESENT: D. Murray, E. Mackenzie, C.M. Smith, A. Mackenzie, J. Macleod, M. Maciver, M. Murray, D. Maciver, S. Maciver, D. Macdonald, C. Macleod. 

Apologies: M. Macdonald, A. Humphrey. 

CHAIR: D. Murray 


  1. Minute of meeting 7th.February 2013. 

Note of meeting of Tuesday 7th. February 2013 was approved. 

  1.  Matters arising. 

C.E. website needs to be updated. 

Chair has asked A. Mackay for quote for repairs to Cladach Road. Still awaiting quote. 


  1. Social Evenings 5th or 12th April possible dates for Colin Tucker Talk. 

12th. April was the preferred date. There will be a collection at the door; Margaret to book kitchen and hall and to buy food and refreshments; Donald to do publicity; posters and radio; Emma to do invitations; Anna to run photos before Colin Tucker begins his talk. 

Social Evening with Maggie Smith to be arranged at a later date. 


  1. Heritage Lottery Fund 

Last year’s project - Information Plaques at Garry Bridge and Cladach and repairs to Cladach Road. This project has been nominated to be entered into National Lottery Awards competition. 


  1. Heritage Sites in North Tolsta ( Digital mapping using Global Positioning System ) 

Donald has been very busy filling in a funding application form for Sharing Heritage. This is to enable the C.E. purchase equipment which we will require to plot G.P.S. co-ordinates for places of interest in the locality. We will need a digital recorder, camera, G.P.S. equipment, computer etc 


  1. Tobar an Dualchais 

A letter has been received inviting the C.E. to send audio tapes to Uist where they will be digitised; Christina and Margaret to assist with this project. 


  1. Update website. 

Website needs to be updated a.s.a.p. Notes of meetings, Chairman’s Report at A.G.M., Publicity for Spring Seanchas which is now for sale, Price of Seanchas. Etc. 

 E-mails still difficult to access - Taylor Edgar to be contacted. 


  1. Finance and Correspondence 

Balance on Tuesday 12th.March 2013 was £4623.93. 


Correspondence Request from Annella at the BBC requesting information and photographs of Internees from Tolsta, who were held in the Prisoner of war camps in Holland during the First World War. 

Request for information from the descendants of John Macfarlane who left Tolsta for Canada in 1852.