NTHS Minutes - March 2012

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Minutes of March 2012 Meeting - March 28th 2012

Note of the meeting of the North Tolsta Historical Society at the Schoolhouse, North Tolsta on Wednesday 28th March 2012 at 7.30p.m.

PRESENT: D. Murray, M. Maciver, S. Maciver, M. Macdonald, C.M. Smith, E. Mackenzie, M. Murray, C. Macleod, A. Mackenzie.

APOLOGIES: D. Lawson, J. Macleod.

 1. Note of the meeting of 15th February was approved.

2. Matters Arising.

The two plaques (Garry Bridge and Cladach) were unveiled on Saturday 25th. February with tea and refreshments served in the Hall afterwards. The event was a success.

3. Project -Final Report


Final request for payment was submitted to H.L.F (Heritage Lottery Fund) by 15th March.

Total cost of project was £14,600.

Anna has visited various outlets in Stornoway to see if they are willing to sell the Pamphlet.

20 copies to Museum;10 copies to Baltic Bookshop; Hebridean Jewellers and Delights; 5 copies to Gordon’s Shop.

It was agreed that a copy of the pamphlet would be enclosed with next copy of every Seanchas.

4. Caidreachas

Minute of meeting of 14th March has been received by C.E.

O.G.M. and an A.G.M. scheduled for the 3rd April.

Donald agreed to represent the C.E. at these meetings in Museum nan Eilean.

5. New Website Proposal.

Estimate submitted by T. Edgar.

As it is ten years since the C.E. website was set up, it had been agreed at the AGM that it was time to revamp the site to make it more attractive and easier to update. T. Edgar had been asked to submit a proposal for modernizing the website. An estimate of £1500 was received from T. Edgar. This work would be for downloading and installing Joomla and transferring content of existing website etc. Morag to have further discussions on the pros and cons of other content management systems. It was agreed that the C.E. should go ahead and upgrade website. Morag agreed to attend training session with T. Edgar re updating website. Morag also suggested that more committee members attend this training session as she has to be often on the mainland because of work commitments.

6. Tigh Ceilidh and Proposed Training

Refurbishment work is still being carried out at the Tigh Ceilidh. When work is complete, Ken. R. Mackay is willing to attend a C.E. meeting to discuss training needs.

7. Delegation of some Tasks.

As Rhoda is not now on the committee, the tasks she did will now have to be delegated to other committee members.

Donald agreed to remain editor of Seanchas.

Proposed huge increase in 2nd Class stamps discussed. Emma to buy extra 2nd class (large) stamps.

Subscriptions, labels, compliment slips and envelopes - Christina to help Emma with these.

Anna - continue to scan photos; Margaret - distribute to shops in Stornoway, Back and Tolsta.

Christina and Margaret - continue with proof reading of Seanchas; Morag - look for newspaper cuttings related to village; Sandra-update database (births, deaths etc.); Usual committee members to meet to organise copies of Seanchas ready for posting; e-mails to be checked regularly.

8. Finance and Correspondence

Balance at 28th March was £5112.80. No electricity bill has been received from Council.

Donald has received correspondence from N. Macleod, Canada. Norman has sent a memory stick containing many interesting photos of village people which Norman’s grandmother had.


Committee members had expressed an interest in visiting Ravenspoint, Lochs. JA would be asked if he could take a minibus there with interested C.E. members.