NTHS Minutes - June 2012

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Minutes of June 2012 Meeting - June13th 2012

Note of the meeting of the North Tolsta Historical Society at the Schoolhouse, North Tolsta on Wednesday 13th June 2012 at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: D. Murray, M. Maciver, S. Maciver, M. Macdonald, C.M. Smith, E. Mackenzie, M. Murray, J. Macleod, J.A. Maciver, A. Mackenzie.

APOLOGIES: C. Macleod.

D. Murray welcomed Mr D. Maciver, Community Development Manager TCDL to the meeting and we look forward to liaising with him in any of our future projects. D. Murray also congratulated J.A.Maciver on his re-election to the council.

1. Note of the meeting of 28th.March was approved.

2. Matters Arising.

Project - The final instalment of Heritage Lottery money has been received. The total cost of Project was £14,600. The project is now complete and there was a good response to the Tolsta Head leaflets, enclosed in the Seanchas. This resulted in some generous donations to the CE.

Day trip to Ravenspoint Saturday 1st September was suggested as a suitable date. J.A. to arrange transport.

3. Hebridean Connections

The money should become available on 27th June.

Caidreachas Membership of £15 to be paid.

4. Subgroup meetings

Website Donald, Emma, Anna, Morag and Rhoda met, to discuss content for new Website, on 10th May. Taylor met with this group on 17th May to discuss design of front page and content. He was pleased with the outcome. Training to take place at a later date.

Meet the Funder Anna Mackenzie attended very informative meeting on 22nd May in Barvas.  Representatives from various bodies present e.g. Big Lottery Fund, HLF, Children in Need. They explained what funds were available and how to access funds. 130 community projects helped throughout islands in last 4 years.

E-mail from Lorraine Kika (HLF) re funding for Family Leaflets – funding could be accessed from new fund called Fund for Communities. This new fund was announced in Barvas.

6. Digital mapping

Some committee members met in Tigh Ceilidh with Ken Roddy and Christine Hart. They explained what was involved with Digital Mapping. Donald Maciver gave details in the use of G.P.S. He will lead the training. Cost to CE c. £200 plus cost of G.P.S. systems. Archiving, Photo Shop, Typesetting and Printing also discussed.

Morag suggested we use In Design instead of Quark Express for type-setting. She is willing to do training in Photoshop and type-setting. Morag also suggested she make enquiries re visit to Council Print Room.

Iolaire Disaster  Donald, Cathie Mary and Murdo met with Helen Clavell, Canada, who is writing a book on the Iolaire Disaster.

7. Seanchas

Photos of South Georgia were received from Alex Smith, Benview. Jock Murray has requested that we give his book some publicity. Those present were inSome committee members to help with article on Mitchell’s buses.  A letter was received from A. Maciver of No.28 indicating that he wishes to step down from type-setting Seanchas. The committee thanked him for all his expert help and wished him all the best for the future. Donald Maciver suggested that his daughter Catriona would help with the type-setting.

8.Gleann Tholastaidh

Catriona Murray BBC in touch. She was very pleased with positive feedback on Radio programme. Also Anne Shinnie wrote to thank us for excellent newsletter and for article on Gleann Tholastaidh.


Donald and Rhoda entertained some American visitors – descendants of Donald Macdonald (37) and Catherine Macleod (20) Ceit Saighdear. We thank Donald and Rhoda for opening up their home to many visitors, enquiring about relatives, over the years.

10. Presentation

Rhoda wishes to thank the ladies of the committee for the beautiful necklace, which they presented to her on her retirement. Thanks also to John and Rita for a most enjoyable evening in their house.

11. Finances

Balance at 13th June 2012 was £6,176.29

12. AOCB

Anna Mackenzie reported that she had attended the Cemetery Trust AGM. This committee showed great interest in the project of recording all the lairs in the cemetery. Anna has to date recorded the lairs from 20 rows out of a total of 32 rows.

Donald Maciver suggested that the Tolsta Head Walk could take place sometime in July.