NTHS Minutes - May 2011

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Minutes of May 2011 meeting - May 11, 2011

Note of the meeting of the North Tolsta Historical Society at the Schoolhouse, North Tolsta on Wednesday 11 May 2011 at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: D. Murray, R. Murray, M. Maciver, E. Mackenzie, M. Macdonald, J. Macleod, C.M. Smith, M. Murray, C. Macleod, A. Mackenzie, Cllr. J.A. Maciver

APOLOGIES: Rita Macleod.

CHAIR: D.Murray

1. Note of the Last Meeting

The Note of the meeting of 18 April 2011 was approved.

2. Matters arising

Tasglann: R. Murray and A. Mackenzie have agreed to continue to catalogue resources as recommended by the Tasglann team.

Social Evenings: C. Stewart has contacted Joan (nee Mackay) and she is happy to come to the hall to give a talk about Cree Ladies. This will have to be arranged when Joan is on the island from 9th July

John A. Maciver has contacted A. Macdonald. He is also willing to come for an evening to show his extensive collection of coins. A letter has been received from the Playgroup appealing for a donation to help them with their fundraising efforts for a play area which could be used by all the children in the community. The committee agreed to donate funds raised at the Social Evenings to the Playgroup. Tarmod (Norman Macleod) will be invited to give his talk in the autumn.

3. Heb Connections

J.A. Maciver has agreed to represent N.T.H.S. as a Director with Heb. Connections Company. Their next meeting is on Wednesday 18 May at 1.30p.m. If J.A. cannot attend this meeting C. Smith has agreed to go.

4. Project Procedure and Management.

Permission to start’ letter has been received from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded £8,600 and 50% of the money will be released shortly.

Project Management Structure - members appointed:-

Manager -D. Murray

Treasurer - E. Mackenzie

Secretary - C. Macleod

Site Supervisor: M. Murray and M. Maciver will be asked to assist.

Garry Information Coordinators: J. Macleod, M. Maciver, D. Murray

Cladach and Tolsta Head Walk Pamphlet Information M. Macdonald, C.M. Smith

Public Relations Officer: J.A. Maciver

5. Finance and Correspondence

Balance at 11th. May 2011 was £3942.36.

Donations received-£40 from Iain Murdo Macleod, £20 from Donald Mackay, £10 from Ellen Stewart

6. AOCB.

D.Murray has given informatiion from C.E. to Gordon Murray of Murray International Language Centre. Gordon and some of his students intend visiting Tolsta on Friday 13th May.

An e-mail has been sent to Dr. A.Macmillan and he will visit C.E. to see resources which could be of interest to him for his research into abandoned settlements on the island.

7. No date was set for the next meeting.

At the close of the meeting the committee made a site visit to Garry and to the Cladach. After viewing the areas, the committee decided that the plaque at Garry Bridge should be on the north side of the bridge and the plaque at Cladach Giordail should be inside the fence at the cattle grid near Camach Park.