Croft history of Tolsta

Croft history of Tolsta

Copies of Bill Lawson's two volume series of books on the croft history of Tolsta are still available from the North Tolsta Historical Society.

Croft History Tolsta – Volume 1 and Croft History Tolsta – Volume 2  

Books cost £20.00 each p.and p. for one book is £3.00 for U.K. and £6.20 for overseas p. and p. for more than one book is 15% of total cost for U.K. 33% of total cost for overseas.  

Contents of Volume 1 and Volume 2

Volume 1

Foreword, Introduction and Sources.

Suil Air Ais by Mrs Jessie Maciver - (a word picture in Gaidhlig and English)

Historical Information Croft History of Tolastadh bho Thuath, Tolastadh bho Dheas.

Gleann Tholastaidh Tolastadh Nos. 1-43

Volume 2

Croft History of Tolastadh Nos 44-77

Tolastadh Feus etc

Am Baile Ur

Air Sail na Beinne by Donald Macdonald

Both volumes contain pictures taken from the Comann Eachdraidh's resource of photographs.