NTHS Minutes - April 2011

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Minutes of April 2011 meeting - April 18, 2011

Note of the meeting of the North Tolsta Historical Society at the Schoolhouse, North Tolsta on Monday 18 April 2011 at 7.30pm.



PRESENT : D. Murray, R. Murray, M. Maciver, S. Maciver, C.M. Smith, E. Mackenzie, M. Macdonald, C. Macleod, A. Mackenzie

APOLOGIES : R. and J. Macleod; and M Murray.

CHAIR: D.Murray

1. Note of the Last Meeting

The Note of the meeting of 15 December 2010 was approved.

2. Matters arising

A. Maciver has produced the new phone book and he has distributed copies to all houses in the village. He managed to get enough adverts to cover the cost of the phone book and copies were provided free to all households. Committee would like to thank him for his work.

3. Project Procedure and Management

Committee is delighted that the application to Heritage Lottery fund has been successful. Communication has been received to say that Heritage Lottery fund has awarded 59% of total cost of project.

Involvement of lots of different groups in the community will be very important for this project. Various groups have given letters of support for this project e.g. Grazings Committees, Youth Club etc. Publicity for the project will be important. 50% of the grant will be paid at the start of the project. Once permission to start has been received we will meet again to appoint a management committee.

4. Heb Connections

a) Articles for this company have been agreed by the North Tolsta Historical Society and the committee has agreed to join Heb Connections Company Ltd.

b) Register address for the company is Ravenspoint, Lochs

c) One director will have to be appointed from each C.E. that is a member of Heb. Connections J. A. is to be asked if he would represent our C.E. If J.A is unable to represent the NTHS the committee asked CMSmith to represent CE.

d) CE will have to contribute £1000 to this company

5. Tasglann nan Eilean Siar Training Evening

There were two training evenings. The Tasglann team showed members of the committee how to catalogue resources in a manner which would be meaningful and accessible to anyone wishing to visit and research through the valuable resources held by the CE. The committee would like to thank them.

6. Social Evenings

. Margaret has approached Tarmod (Norman Macleod from Shader). He is willing to come but no date has been set.

J.A. had suggested asking A. Macdonald to come along to show the extensive collection of coins which he has. JA will be asked to contact Alex.

7. Tigh Ceilidh

Tolsta Community Development is buying the Tigh Ceilidh

C.E. is to suggest if equipment for printing could be purchased so that printing for local groups could be done.

8. Finance and Correspondence

Balance at 18 th April 2011 was £4036.82

The committee agreed to increase the price of Seanchas from £1.50 to £2.

Increase from £10 to £12 for Seanchas subscriptions sent overseas and £8 to £10 for Seanchas sent to UK subscribers This is to take account of increased costs in printing and in postage.

Letter from Dr Angus Macmillan requesting information about abandoned settlements.

Committee agreed to e-mail A. Macmillan inviting him to visit C.E. to see resources and information that might be of interest to him.

9.No date was set for the next meeting.