NTHS Minutes - August 2010

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Minutes of August 2010 meeting - August 12, 2010

Note of the meeting of the North Tolsta Historical Society at the Schoolhouse North Tolsta on Thursday 12th August 2010.

PRESENT: D. Murray, R. Murray, M. Maciver, E. Mackenzie, S. Maciver, C. Macleod, C.M. Smith, M. Murray APOLOGIES: A. Macleod, R. Macleod, J. A. Maciver Chair: D. Murray

Note of the last meeting

The note of the last meeting on 30th June was approved.

Matters arising

Items on this meeting’s agenda will cover matters arising from last meeting.


a) Chairman met with Ken Roddy (CNES) on 15th July
K.R. had downloaded Heritage Lottery Fund form as he considered this funding to be the most appropriate for C.E. project.

b) Meeting of project subcommittee on 28th. July
Committee looked at possible wording for plaques for the two sites, Garry Bridge and Cladach. (As community groups are now to be involved in researching the project, the wording for these plaques will have to be agreed with these groups.)

c) Application for Heritage Lottery Fund
Pre-application form can be filled in on line but hard copy must also be sent.
(Estimates for project also included a rough estimate of the cost of resurfacing access road to Giordail)

Pre-application form has been filled in and sent.

Heritage Lottery has e-mailed to acknowledge receipt of application form. There has also been a phone call to Chair to discuss contents of Pre-application Form.
Suggestion that there would have to be more involvement from the community; maybe having school pupils and community groups involved in researching the project. Learning aspect stressed as important as well as heritage. These suggestions will now be addressed by the C.E.

d) Bòrd na Gaidhlig.

There has been a positive response from Bòrd na Gaidhlig with promise of a possible £2000 towards the project. Committee has already agreed to make available bilingual information leaflets for the two sites.

Meeting of Phone Book subcommittee on 3rd August

Old telephone book has been edited. New lists have been typed up. This is now ready for proof reading and new lists to be passed on to A. Maciver. A4 portrait style is the preferred style of Telephone directory.


Committee agreed to pay Judith Macdonald to fix C.E. website. There will be an initial approximate cost of £60.

Information from Cllr. John A. Maciver re funding

E mail from Cllr. J.A. Maciver was noted. This is to be discussed at a later meeting.

Finance and correspondence

Balance at 12th August was £2684.94

Chair had several genealogy enquiries during the summer. (Some by e-mail and also some telephone enquiries.)

Chair has been involved in a Gaidhlig Television programme which will be shown in the autumn. This programme involved discussing the Cree ladies who came to live on the island.

Caidreachas AGM is to be held on the 30th August in the Museum in Stornoway. Chair will be away but it is hoped that at least 2 members of the committee will be able to attend.

No date was set for the next meeting.