NTHS Minutes - May 2010

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Minutes of May 2010 meeting - May 24, 2010

Note of the meeting of the North Tolsta Historical Society at the Schoolhouse, North Tolsta, on Monday, 24 May 2010, at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: D.Murray; R.Murray; A.Macleod, A. Mackenzie; S. Maciver; C M Smith; E. Mackenzie; C. Macleod; M. Murray

APOLOGIES: R. Macleod; M Maciver. CHAIR: D.Murray

Note of the Last Meeting

The Note of the last meeting of 24 March 2010 was approved.

Matters arising

a. Computer and website
There are still problems with the C.E. website. Several people have e-mailed the Chair to say that they have been unable to join the Society through the website. Arrangements have been made to meet with Innes Maciver later this week and hopefully he will then be able to address the ongoing issues with the website.

b. Phonebook

A.Maciver is going to produce a new phonebook for the village. C.E. will 
assist with the project.

Tolsta, Lewis to Tolsta, Quebec on 19th April 2010.

A very successful evening enjoyed by everyone.

The committee would like to thank Sandra for all her hard work on the day. 
Sandra contributed all the baking which was voted “Delicious” by everyone!! 
Committee would also like to thank Margaret for the provisions she provided. 
£105.70 was the sum raised on that evening and this money was given to Margaret Bennett to help with her group’s expenses.

Plaques - estimates, wording, funding and Aird Walk leaflets.

Estimate from Woody for plinths at Aird and Garry is £2, 930 total.
Committee agreed to ask Woody to raise height of plinths.

Estimate for each interpretive panel was £355 or £535 for panel in a galvanised and powder coated steel frame. Delivery charges would also be added to these estimates.

Committee agreed that panels in a coated steel frame would be better. Cladach plaque would be erected down at the car park where fishermen used to “share their catch.”
D. Murray has approached S.N.H. to gauge interest in project. Initial 
response was, maybe contribution towards leaflets but unsure if they 
would be able to contribute towards plaques.

C.M. Smith has approached A. Nicolson and a meeting has been arranged for Friday 28th. Hopefully he will be able to suggest names of funding bodies which might be interested in contributing funds to this project.

Cost of project likely to be in the region of £10,000.

Design Print has agreed to estimate for designing, typesetting and printing leaflets for Aird Walk. D. Murray has also tried to contact Mary Macleod (Archaeologist)
Angus, Donald, Cathy M., Christina, Sandra and Margaret to meet on Monday 31 May at 8p.m. to discuss wording on plaques.

Report of meeting of O.H.C.P.P. on 31 March 2010

Donald and Christina attended this meeting. A small number attended this meeting in the Caberfeidh Hotel. Issues such as Population, Economy and Health and Wellbeing in the Outer Hebrides were discussed. D. and C. felt that this meeting was more suited to Community Council members.


Anyone who has photos or any story for next edition of Seanchas, 
please get in touch with Rhoda before the end of June. Finance
Balance on 24th. May was £2599.33


Letter from Volunteer Development Worker asking for photographs of
C.E. committee members which could be used as part of display for 
Volunteers Week 1 -7 June 2010. A photograph was taken of members present. 
Letter from Allan (from Skye) asking for permission to use photographs of
women crofters through the years for cover of new CD. Committee agreed to give permission to use photographs.

E-mail from Alexander Thomson tracing relatives in North Tolsta. His grandfather stayed at 7 North Tolsta.

No date was set for the next meeting.