NTHS Minutes - March 2010

Minutes of May 2010 meeting - March 24. 2010

Note of the meeting of the North Tolsta Historical Society at the Schoolhouse North Tolsta on Wednesday 24th. March 2010 at 7.30pm

PRESENT: D. Murray, R. Murray, C. M. Smith, S. Maciver, A. Macleod, E. Mackenzie, C. Macleod, M. Murray, A. Mackenzie
APOLOGIES: J.A. Maciver, R. Macleod
CHAIR: D. Murray

1. Note of the last meeting.

The note of the last meeting on 13th January 2010 was approved.

2. Matters Arising

Garry and Cladach Project
Margaret to contact Woody re suitable plaques for both sites. Committee already have an estimate from Woody for erection of plinths at these sites but as yet they have not been able to get estimates for plaques. Committee had agreed at an earlier meeting that these plaques would have to be quite substantial to withstand elements.

Emma, Cathy M. and Anna to contact various funding bodies to see if they would be willing to put money towards this project. It was suggested that advice could be sought from Third Sector Hebrides as A.Nicolson had attended a previous meeting and had left leaflets with names of various funding bodies, who could be interested in such projects. e.g. S.N.H. 
Chair to approach SNH and Mary Macleod (Archaeologist) to see if they would like to have an input in the wording of the leaflets for the Aird walk.

Angus, Donald, Christina, Sandra and Margaret to meet to discuss wording and format of leaflets.

3. Eastern Townships of Quebec - Margaret Bennett on Monday 19th.April

Margaret Bennett coming to the village on Monday 19th. April.
During the day her party will be involved with the local school. She is liaising with Mrs Mackinnon (Headteacher) to discuss programme for the day.

In the evening they will be in the Hall. (Margaret to book hall) There will be musicians and a chef from the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

It was suggested that Seonaidh Beag could be asked to sing a traditional song as part of the evening programme.

It was agreed to have a collection at the door.

Chair to e-mail Margaret Bennett for a more detailed programme.

4 . Seanchas Summer 2010

More material needed. Anyone who has stories to tell or photographs which would be of interest to the readers get in touch with Rhoda a.s.a.p! Even if material is not used in summer Seanchas it will be used in forthcoming issues. After Spring Seanchas was printed Chair, with some help, was able to name all the staff members in the Tolsta staff photograph.

5 . Computer and Website

As discussed at previous meeting Taylor Edgar no longer hosts C.E.website.
Judith Macdonald has now taken over this work.

Up to date material needs to be added to the site and Innes Maciver has been approached and has agreed to help to do this.

d attend this meeting. Donald, Christina and Cathy agreed to attend.

6. Finance and Correspondence

Balance at 31st. January 2010 was £3,349.39
Invitation from Stornoway Historical Society to a meeting on Monday 29th. March at 8p.m. in the Town Hall. Lecture to be given by George Mackenzie, Keeper of the Records of Scotland. Anyone welcome to attend this meeting.

Invitation from Outer Hebrides Community Planning Partnership to a meeting in the Oak Room, Caberfeidh Hotel on 31 March at 7.30p.m.

It was agreed that a couple of committee members should attend this meeting. Donald, Christina and Cathy agreed to attend.

7. A.O.C.B.

Phone Book There is a need for a new Phone Book for the village. Ally Maciver has indicated that he would produce the book but would appreciate help from the CE..
Rhoda to meet A. Maciver to discuss work needed to make new phonebook.

8. No date was set for the next meeting.