NTHS Minutes - September 2009

Minutes of September 2009 meeting - September 1, 2009

Note of the minute of the North Tolsta Historical Society at the Schoolhouse, North Tolsta on Tuesday 1 st September 2009 at 7.30 pm.

PRESENT: D. Murray, S. Maciver, M. Murray, C. Macleod, R. Murray, A.A. Smith, A. Macleod, C.M. Smith, M. Maciver, J.A. Maciver, A. Mackenzie. CHAIR: D. Murray

1. Note of the last meeting.

The note of the last meeting on 13th May 2009 was approved.

2. Matters arising

“Quebec Homecomers “event with Margaret Bennett due to be held this month has now been postponed. Hopefully this will be held in spring 2010. Committee agreed to purchase copy of Margaret Bennett’s book, “SCOTTISH CUSTOMS from the Cradle to the Grave, for Comann Eachdraidh.

3. Update of Events over the Summer

Garry Walk 20th. June

This had been very successful. A very enjoyable and informative talk was given by Mary Macleod, but there are still lots of unanswered questions about settlements in Garry.
b. Homecoming 6th and 7th August
For these 2 days C. E. had a stall displaying books etc. in Town Hall foyer.
c) Caidreachas Meeting 8th June.
Margaret and Rhoda attended this meeting. The minutes of this
meeting are not yet available.

4. Tolsta Head Walk (Posts and pamphlet)

Posts are in the community shed and in the next couple of weeks will be put in place by a few “willing helpers”
People still seem to be confused about directions for Aird Walk. Chair to enquire into cost implications of erecting extra gate. This would hopefully make route more obvious.
Sub-committee formed to progress work on information pamphlet - Angus, Donald and Alex Angus.

5. Garry and Cladach Project

Chair to ask for estimates for stonework and plaques, similar to what is already in Garry. Estimates etc. would have to be in place before funding applications to various funding bodies can be submitted.
Sub committee formed for Garry project - Donald, Christina and Margaret.
Sub committee for Cladach project - Donald, Angus and Alex Angus.

6. Social Evening –Autumn

Committee agreed to hold the next Social Evening in the Hall on Friday 16th. October. There will be a public viewing of M.O.D Operation Cauldron DVD and the usual teas etc. will be served.

7. Finance

£2436.62 recorded on the evening of the meeting.

8. Correspondence

There were only 2 visits this summer from people wanting to visit C.E. for information.

1 Ms. Cavell from Winnipeg visited in June. She hopes to write a novel based on the Iolaire.

2 Couple from Lyonshead Ontario. They were distantly related to Macivers who used to be at No.33 and wanted information on the Macivers.

Some of emails received:- 
a) Guido Blokland from Holland This e-mail was to inform that he has put the Roll of Honour on the internet at http://www.adb422006.com/ROH/index.html

Further e-mail from him wanted more information about local casualties in the First World War e.g.rank, number, next of kin etc.

b) E-mail from New Zealand from husband of late Lily Ann Coull expressing thanks for note of sympathy sent by Chairperson and saying how much he and his late wife enjoyed Seanchas.

c) Donald J Macleod, Bridge of Don re Archaeology of Garry.

d) Kenneth Macdonald Mac Ceanag Eachainn Bhig with some family information.


Taylor Edgar is currently upgrading website. This had not been done for a long time and there had been many requests asking for this work to be done.
C.E. website had 50,000 hits in the month of May.

Conference in Fort-William—14th. November. Topic Scotland’s Rural Past.

10. Date of next meeting

No date was set for the next meeting.