NTHS Minutes - April 2009

Minutes of April 2009 meeting - April 22, 2009

Note of the meeting of the North Tolsta Historical Society at the Schoolhouse, North Tolsta , on Wednesday 22 nd April 2009 at 7.30p.m.




Present: D. Murray, A. Macleod, A.A. Smith, M. Maciver, C. Macleod, C.M. Smith, S. Maciver, R. Murray, M. Murray, J.A. Maciver, A. Mackenzie 

Chair: D. Murray

1.  Note of the Last Meeting       

The note of the last meeting of 29September 2008 was approved.

2.  Voluntary Action Fund        

J.A. to contact Alasdair Nicholson to arrange a meeting with CE. This meeting is to explain access to small grants which may be available.

Ard Walk        

More signposts are needed as some people are still confused as to which route they should follow. Signposts are available at Marybank Depot. M. Murray to arrange collection of signposts from Depot.          

Croft History Vol. 1 and 2           
Both books retail at £20. Vol.1 launched in October 2008 and Vol.2 in December 2008. Both books selling well.          

Garry Bridge.        

This bridge does have a listed status (categoryB) Committee agreed to erect a plaque at this bridge to reflect its importance in local history. Plaque would be similar to plaque at the car park at Garry.

3  Caidreachas A.G.M.        

This A.G.M. which was scheduled for 21 st April was cancelled. A.G.M. now to be held on May 4th. D. Murray to attend.

4  Hebridean Connections        

College to apply for Leader Funding for this project. New Leader funding came on stream on 1 April. Committee agreed to stay committed to project. More information about this may be available at the Caidreachas AGM which is to be held on 4 May.

5  Archiving---3 March Seminar Report        

D.Murray, R. Murray and C.M. Smith attended this one day seminar. D.Murray gave a brief account of contents of course. Notes which were given at that course were available. This course was run by Dundee University and all who attended found this course interesting and beneficial. It was pointed out at this course that almost all local authorities in Scotland employ an archivist. Comhairle will hopefully employ an archivist who would help all C.E. with their archives and records management.

6  Census Meeting

C. Macleod attended this meeting. Western Isles as a rural area and  a suburb in Edinburgh as an urban area were selected as pilot areas for the Census forms. This would show the suitability of the questions before the actual census takes place in 2011. People were encouraged to fill in their forms on line and in Gaelic if possible.

7  Planned Visits

a)    Classic cars to visit village on Saturday 23 rd . May 2009.  

Cars will go down cemetery road to the car park. D. Murray to give short address about places of interest in the immediate vicinity---- teampull Mhìchael etc. Teas to be served in hall afterwards.

b)    Local Walk with Dr Mary Macleod , Archaeologist on 20 th. June 2009          

It was agreed that walk would start at Abhainn Lì----heading northwards towards Garry and An Taigh Geal , Taighean Saillidh etc

 c)  Tattoo in Castle Grounds on 7 th . August 2009             

More information will possibly be available after Caidreachas meeting on 4 th . May

d)     Quebec “Homecomers” on 14-21 September 2009             

Margaret Bennett is in contact with D. Murray and she will                          send more information nearer the time.


8  Finances      

£2499.99 recorded on the evening of the meeting.


9  Correspondence

1) Letter from Mairi Robertson the new museum curator.

2) Country File Programme had written to request photos which they may use in their programme.----fishing, crofting and several village scenes were requested.

3) Thank You card from Margaret Macleod to say how much she appreciates Seanachas and all the work being done by C.E.

4) Correspondence requesting information about Tolsta ancestors from Ruth Bishop (descendent of A. Smith formerly 24 NT)

5) Correspondence from Sandra Kelsey also requesting information (her grandparents lived at 57 N.T.) Sandra to visit C.E. on Thursday 23 April to find out more information.

6) New insurance certificate

10  Seanchas

New Seanchas now in the shops. Feedback as always has been very encouraging. Cards and e-mails received from all over the world to  say how much the Seanachas is appreciated.

11  Date of next meeting

 No date was set for the next meeting.