NTHS Minutes - AGM 2008

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Minutes of the 2008 AGM - February 22, 2008

Note of the Annual General Meeting of the North Tolsta Historical Society at the Tigh Ceilidh, North Tolsta, on 22 February 2008.

PRESENT: D.Murray; R.Murray; A.Murray; A.A.Smith; M. Murray; A.MacKenzie; M.MacIver; C. M Smith; M Smith IN ATTENDANCE : Cllr C Stewart; Cllr K MacIver; Cllr J. A. MacIver APOLOGIES : A. MacLeod; S. MacIver; R. MacLeod CHAIR : D.Murray

1.   The Note of the AGM of 28 February 2007 was approved.

Proposed : A.A Smith Seconded : A.M MacKenzie

Chairperson's Report

2.   The Chairman outlined the various activities in which the Society had been involved in the previous year:-
Genealogical Research and Digitising and Archiving of Comann Eachdraidh Materials

2.1   The Chairman thanked all those involved including project staff Anna Munro and Anna Mackenzie for the digitisation of the Tolsta croft history and photographic projects respectively, and all committee members, especially Angus, Cathie Mary, Mairead and Sandra. Genealogical research had been a time consuming project but a rewarding experience that had produced a resource which would be of immense benefit to the Comann Eachdraidh. The Chairman indicated that he had spent several sessions with Bill Lawson, noted genealogist, and it was anticipated that two volumes of Tolsta Croft Histories would be produced, the first in August and volume 2 before Christmas 2008.

The Chairman acknowledged the funding that had made the project possible: Community Economic Development (CED) : £4.2k; WIE (as it was then): £2.5k; the Comhairle: £1.4k; the Comann Eachdraidh's own contribution: £1.1k. The project had cost just over £9k and these funds had supported the staff costs and necessary materials. The project would help our partnership with Hebridean Connections once that particular Initiative secured the necessary funding to progress to the next stage. It was recognised that this was taking somewhat longer than expected due to various reasons including a lack of available public sector grant funding.

Two main social events had been held over the previous year which had been very successful, as follows:

 Aig Muir

2.2   This was a successful evening for local fishermen/seamen, held at the Community Centre, at which seamen, past and present, gave accounts of their experiences at sea. Clann–Nighean Tholastaidh

2.3   Co-hosted by the Comann Eachdraidh and ‘Golden Oldies', this evening provided an opportunity for the ladies of the village who had at various times been employed in Hotel and Catering, Nursing and Stewards at sea.      Ard Walk

2.4   The inaugural Walk planned for May 2007 had not taken place due to poor weather, but it did take place in September 2007 (reported in Seanchas: Winter 2007). The Walk was now well marked from the main road and it was also hoped that a pamphlet could be produced at some point.

Angus MacLeod

2.5   The Chairman noted the passing of Angus Macleod ( Siugaidh ) in June 2007 and thanked Mairead (his niece) who had passed on some materials he wanted donated to the Comann Eachdraidh.


•  We currently had 102 subscribers world-wide and we were printing 420 copies of Seanchas per quarter. The publication continued to sell well, but Donald stressed the need for a constant stream of articles/written contributions.


2.7   The core business of the Comann Eachdraidh was in dealing with enquiries which continued apace – largely dealt with by the Chairman. Membership stood at 382 which generated a per capita grant of £350.00.


2.8   The web site was vital in terms of keeping in touch with a large number of overseas visitors. However, it needed continuous updating which required a significant ongoing commitment. The Chairman thanked Donnie and Ruairidh for their efforts in this regard previously, but they were now pursuing full time study in Glasgow . Rhoda was currently updating the site, but it was proposed that we co-opt or contract someone with the necessary skills for more complicated input, on a need basis. Alternatively, we could arrange for a committee member to undertake the necessary training. It was recognised that there were technical aspects to the task in hand.

There would need to be further discussion of this topic if progress was to be made and it was possible that we may need to look to external funding sources to support the web site.

Computer Equipment

2.9   A new computer had been purchased in the autumn and the Chairman thanked Innes Maciver for installing a router which allowed the Comann Eachdraidh access to broadband from more than one computer.


2.10   The Chairman noted the increased activity in sale and purchases of property in the village which made it difficult to update the database during the year. The statistics (February 2008) noted an increase in population in all categories apart from the age group 16-18 (a reduction of 3 from the AGM in 2007). In summary the total population recorded in February 2008 was 529 compared to 508 at the same period in the previous year. There were 6 births and 6 deaths in the twelve month period 2007-2008. This was in comparison with 0 and 2 respectively in the previous year. The number of children of school age was 75, an increase of 5 pupils over the previous year. Fewer houses were holiday homes and fewer houses were unoccupied in comparison with the previous period. The full demographic table as per the Chairman's statement would be posted on the web site in due course.

Donald thanked the membership for their efforts which ensured another successful and busy year for the Comann Eachdraidh.

The statement was proposed by Cllr John A MacIver and seconded by Murdo MacIver.

Treasurer's Report

3.1   The Treasurer outlined the Comann Eachdraidh's financial status to date as per his circulated report. The report indicated a balance, as at 31/1/2008, of £3631.06, with further project claims to the Comhairle outstanding. The Treasurer's report was moved for adoption. Proposed : M Murray Seconded : A. MacKenzie

Election of Office Bearers/Committee

4.1   The Comann Eachdraidh's Office Bearers were re-elected as follows:

Chairperson : Donald Murray Proposed : Cllr J A MacIver Seconded : A. Murray Vice Chairperson : A Mackenzie Proposed : R Murray Seconded : A.A Smith Treasurer : AA Smith Proposed : Cllr J A MacIver Seconded : A Mackenzie Secretary : Angus Murray Proposed : R. Murray ` Seconded : C.M Smith

Society Committee

4.2   R. MacLeod had indicated that she would be standing down. Of those in attendance, R. Murray; M. Murray; M.MacIver; C. M Smith; M. MacIver; and A MacLeod were re-elected onto the committee, and Cllr J. A. MacIver elected anew.

AOCB and Date of Next Meeting

5.1   Some discussion ensued about the 2008 programme but in no great detail. The programme would need to be worked up, but it was intended that we continue with special evenings, invitations to guest speakers on subjects of interest, new projects and the various launches planned. We would await the outcome of future deliberations with

Hebridean Connections

5.2    No further business and the date of the next meeting would be intimated in due course.