NTHS Minutes - AGM 2007

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Minutes of AGM 2007 - February 26, 2007

Note of the Annual General Meeting of the North Tolsta Historical Society at the Tigh Ceilidh , North Tolsta, on 26 February 2007.


PRESENT: D.Murray; R.Murray; A.Murray; A. Macleod; A.A.Smith; R. Moir; M.Murray; A.MacKenzie; M.MacIver; C.M Smith; S.Maciver
APOLOGIES : R. MacLeod; D Macleod
CHAIR : D.Murray


• Note of the last AGM

The Note of the AGM of 15 th February 2006 was approved.
Proposed : A.A Smith Seconded : D. Murray

1.1 Matters arising

The LEADER + progress report on the Young Historians had been submitted.

• Chairperson's Report

Donald outlined the various activities in which the Society had been involved in the previous year:-

• Clachan Crìche

The book was launched on Friday 24 February 2006 in the community hall. There was a good review in the local paper by Murdo Macleod, retired Gaelic Inspector of Schools. Catriona (Murray) MacLeod prepared and presented a programme on Reidio nan Gaidheal which included songs from the book and interviews with villagers who had connections with some of the bàrds involved with the project. A large number of books were sold which indicated how well the book was received. The Chairman thanked everyone who had been involved for their considerable efforts.

2.2 Làithean an Iasgaich

This book was compiled by the LEADER-funded Young Historians from Comann Eachdraidh records and interviews with villagers. The book contained extensive information of fishing activities in Tolsta during the 19 th and 20 th centuries.

2.3 Tolsta Walks

The path at Abhainn Lìdh had been upgraded. The Ard Walk was now clearly marked with way markers and sign posts. . This project had been part-financed by the EU funded Western Isles Countryside Access Programme. The Chairman thanked Susan Rabe, Project Officer, for her support. We would hope to produce a pamphlet to provide information about the Walk in due course. In the meantime, Angus Murray would arrange a publicity shot to meet EU compliance re publicity.

2.4 Genealogy research and digitisation and archiving of Comann Eachdraidh material
Total project cost was £9,800. Anna Munro (Point) had been contracted to digitise our Croft History records and Anna MacKenzie (Tolsta) had been appointed to digitise our photographic records. Voluntary efforts in both instances continued in support. This would be in preparation for our involvement in the Hebridean Connections project. Sarah Egan (Heb Connections) had been impressed with our progress to date. It was hoped that we could invite Mark Elliot from Museum nan Eilean to give advice on archiving.

2.5 Other items of note:

2.5.1 Enquiries

Enquires continued apace via e-mail and mail and these were dealt with in the first instance by the Chairman.

• Seanchas

The Chairman reiterated the need for continued contributions from locals and exiles alike. Seanchas currently had 100 subscribers and 400 copies of Seanchas were printed per quarter, all of which were sold. We may have to increase the print run. The Chairman thanked the Yonge family in London who donated proceeds from the collection at their mother's funeral, to our Comann Eachdraidh.

2.5.3 Heb Connections

Angus and Alex Angus had attended meetings in the Comhairle. Sarah Egan, project leader, was in the process of putting funding packages together and would appreciate our input.

2.5.4 Social evening

The Chairman thanked Calum Ferguson who was a guest speaker at the social evening on 13 September 2006. His topic had been ‘the Iolaire and its impact on Tolsta'.

2.5.5 Caidreachas Eachdraidh

Rita and Donald attended Caidreachas meetings. The Chairman confirmed that the Comunn Eachdraidh was now receiving a per capita grant of £700 per year, on the basis of 350 registered members.

2.5.6 Skills training

We had taken part in the evaluation of the Links project led by Museum nan Eilean. The feeling among comainn eachdraidh generally was that the findings were slow to be implemented, e.g. a development officer appointment, although our members had benefited from some of the training courses.

2.5.7 Bill Lawson publications

Bill Lawson had made a start on ‘a croft history of Tolsta'. He would be visiting our Comann Eachdraidh in due course as part of the process.

• Office renovation

The office had been painted. The new lay out also enabled us to show more photographs via the pin boarding. The Chairman thanked Donald MacIver of 5 North Tolsta for his sketch and the names of the mountains, visible in good weather conditions, from his house and croft.

2.5.9 Database

The population had increased from 503 in the previous year to 508, although pre–school children had decreased, from 32 in 2006 to 28 in 2007. Holiday and unoccupied homes had increased, but only by one in each case on the previous year. The number of over-60s had increased relatively significantly from 147 to 159 in the last year. There were no births in the twelve month period as opposed to seven the previous year and there were two deaths, one more than the previous year.

The Chairman thanked all members for their efforts in ensuring another successful year for the Comann Eachdraidh. The Chair's report was proposed and seconded by Angus Murray and Anna Mackenzie respectively.

• Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer outlined NTCC's financial status to date as per his circulated report. The report indicated a balance, as at 31/1/2007, of £4,677.67 . Yearly receipts were £5,824.09 with payments of £4,667.52 in the financial year.

The Treasurer's report was moved for adoption.
Proposed : S. MacIver Seconded : C.M Smith

• Election of Office Bearers/Committee

The Society's Office Bearers were re-elected as follows:
Chairperson : Donald Murray Prop. A Mackenzie Sec. S. MacIver
Vice Chairperson Anna MacKenzie Prop. M. Murray Sec. R.Moir
Treasurer : AA Smith Prop. A MacLeod Sec. S. MacIver
Secretary : Angus Murray Prop. D.Murray Sec. A. Macleod

• Society Committee

A committee of two permanent members: Cathy Mary Smith (proposed and seconded by A. Macleod and M Murray respectively) and Rhoda Murray (proposed and seconded by A. MacKenzie and A MacLeod respectively), and six co-opted members were elected; the six members being: R.Moir; Mairead, Angus Macleod, Sandra; Murdo MacIver; and Rita Macleod.

• Caidreachas Eachdraidh

Donald Murray confirmed that he was now the Vice Chair of an Caidreachas; Rita would continue to attend meetings.

• Hebridean Connections

We required two representatives to serve on Hebridean Connections. These were as follows: Cathy Mary Smith – proposed and seconded by Donald Murray and Angus Macleod, and R.Moir, proposed and seconded by A. Murray and Mairead.

• Programme 2007

7.1 Aig Muir

The plan was to aim for an event in April 2007 on a Friday evening; Rhoda, Alex Angus and Murdo would organise.

• Study Visit
A trip to Skye was flagged up as a possibilty. Angus would follow this up.

• Tolsta Head
A sailing trip around Tolsta Head was envisaged and Alex Angus would co-ordinate as necessary.


Donald and Rhoda were thanked for their efforts in support of the Comann Eachdraidh throughout the year.

• Date of next meeting

The date of the next meeting would be intimated in due course.