NTHS Minutes - AGM 2006

Minutes of AGM 2006 - February 15, 2006

Note of the Annual General Meeting of the North Tolsta Historical Society at the Tigh Ceilidh , North Tolsta, on 15 February 2006.


PRESENT: D.Murray; R.Murray; A.Murray; A.A.Smith; R.MacLeod; A.M Henderson; M.Murray; A.MacKenzie; M.MacIver; J M Macleod; D.MacLeod; J Macleod
APOLOGIES : S. MacIver; D. Lawson; A. Macleod; A Campbell; R. Moir; M Campbell
CHAIR : D.Murray


• Note of the last AGM

The Note of the AGM of 28 February 2005 was approved.
Proposed : A.A Smith
Seconded : A.M Henderson

• Chairperson's Report

Donald outlined the various activities in which the Society had been involved in the previous year:-

• Young Historians

The project was due to finish in April 2005, but we negotiated an extension with our project sponsors which enabled us to complete the work that had not been completed. No further financial claims would be made. An inventory of equipment purchased under the YH initiative would be produced.

2.2 Tolsta Bàrdachd

There was a sizeable collection of village bàrdachd from which the selection was made in October 2005 for the proposed publication of Clachan Crìche. Donald explained that there had been some difficulties with the printers and he hoped that the book would be printed in readiness for the official launch on 24 February 2006.

2.3 Local Walks (Ard Walk)

A grant of £12k had been secured from the Western Isles Countryside Access Programme to fund the Tolsta Walks. Donald and Angus had met that Programme's Project Officer, Susan Rabe, several times, the last of which was on 14 September 2005. Susan was to provide a list of equipment to Donald and he would then pursue quotations from various contractors. There were contractors interested but we awaited the information from Susan. It was noted that the Community Council would be asked formally to front the application for insurance purposes.

2.4 Hebridean Connections

The North Tolsta Historical Society joined this web-based historical/cultural research and development project in September 2005. It has been funded via the Lottery among others and it is anticipated that Hebridean Connections will become a Company Limited by Guarantee. Four Comainn Eachdraidh were involved in the initial pilot and the second phase would include a further four, including NTCC.
2.5 Functions etc

The following functions took place throughout the year:

2.5.1 Aig Muir

This was a successful evening for fishermen/seamen, held at the Community Centre on 11 March 2005 - very well attended.

2.5.2 Broadband

Donnie Morrison gave an excellent presentation on the topic of Hebridean Connection and Broadband in the Community Centre on 26 July 2005.

2.5.3 Sarah Egan

Sarah, from the Hebridean connections project, gave an informal presentation to the NTCC Committee on 26 September 2005.

• Uist Trip

This was an enjoyable study visit to the Uists on 15 and 16 July 2005. The touring party stayed overnight at the Creagorry hotel.

2.6 Other items

These were as follows:

2.6.1 Enquiries

Enquires continue apace via the office, web site and by e-mail which are dealt with in the first instance by Donald.

• Seanchas
Seanchas and private donations were vitally important in meeting NTCC's running costs. 400 copies of Seanchas were printed every quarter. Alastair Maciver did the typesetting and the printers were Hebridean Printers. There were currently 93 subscriptions to Seanchas, but Donald stressed the need for more written contributions.

• Special Interest Groups
They met throughout the year. Last year, the focus was on old photos and wedding photos, some of which were shown by Anna at the Launch Club Wedding Fayre on 1 July 2005.

• Membership
Membership stood at 352.

• Website
The web site has been very useful in keeping in touch with a number of descendants of Tolsta emigrants. Donald thanked Ruaraidh, Donnie and Rhoda for their efforts/work on the web site – with guidance from Taylor Edgar who set it up originally.

• Caidreachas
Donald had attended all their meetings in the past year but was now finding this too time consuming. He asked that two representatives be appointed at the meeting to represent NTCC at future meetings of the Caidreachas.

• Skills Building
Some members of the NTCC would be attending these free training courses.

• Links , Mod stall, BBC 4 documentary
Donald and other members of the NTCC attended the Links Conference at Lews Castle College from 26 – 28 April 2005. Members also ran a stall at the Mod in October 2005. Donald was also interviewed for the BBC 4 documentary “Cold War, Dirty Science”.

2.7 Database

The statistics showed an increase in the village's population from 489 in February 2005 to 503 in February 2006. There were seven births in the period and one death. There were 14 holiday homes and five unoccupied. The school roll was 45, with a further ten pupils going elsewhere.

Donald thanked the membership for their efforts which ensured another successful year for NTCC. The proposed sailing round Tolsta Head had not taken place in the past year due to bad weather and it was hoped that this could be done this summer.

• Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer outlined NTCC's financial status to date as per his circulated report. The report indicated a balance, as at 31/1/2006, of £3521.10, on a yearly turnover of £14,000 in the financial year.
Funders of NTCC projects (CnaG and the Comhairle) had been acknowledged in the publicity (logos) on publications.

The Treasurer's report was moved for adoption.

Proposed : A. Mackenzie
Seconded : M.Murray

• Election of Office Bearers/Committee

The Society's Office Bearers were re-elected as follows:

Chairperson : Donald Murray
Proposed: A Mackenzie
Seconded: AA Smith
Vice Chairperson : Anna MacKenzie
Proposed : A.A.Smith
Seconded : A.M Henderson
Treasurer : AA Smith
Proposed : A Mackenzie
Seconded : R. Macleod
Secretary : Angus Murray
Proposed : R.Murray `
Seconded : M.Murray

• Society Committee
A committee of twelve members was elected. M. Murray indicated that she would be standing down.

• Caidreachas
Rita would join Donald Murray as NTCC's other representative at Caidreachas meetings.

• Programme 2006

The Bàrdachd evening
It was hoped that the book would be ready for the official launch. The Community Centre had been booked for 24 February 2006. Murdo Macleod (former inspector of Gaelic) had been asked to review the book for the Stornoway Gazette.

It was hoped to ask those involved in the bàrdachd project to recite and sing some of the poetry, as appropriate, on the evening of the launch. John A MacIver would be asked to ‘chair' the evening. Books would be sold on the evening for £9. Posters and publicity, teas and refreshments needed to be arranged.

“Aig Muir”

It was agreed that this event could be held in the autumn 2006. Donald and Alex Angus would hold a pre-meeting to discuss further.

Wedding Photos – Coffee Evening

It was agreed that this event could be held in May June 2006.

Ard Walk

Angus would speak to Susan Rabe to progress matters outstanding regarding this project.

Hebridean Connections

Angus and Alex Angus would be NTCC's representatives on this project, proposed by Anna and seconded by Mairead.

Historical Talk

It was hoped to invite Donald W Stewart ( Edinburgh University academic) to give a talk on local history.

• AOCB and Date of Next Meeting

No further business and the date of the next meeting would be intimated in due course.