NTHS Minutes - April 2006

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Minutes of April 2006 meeting - April 4, 2006

Note of the meeting of the North Tolsta Historical Society at the Schoolhouse, North Tolsta , on Tuesday, 4 April, at 8.00pm.


PRESENT: Sandra Maciver; Anna Mackenzie; Donald Macleod; Rita Macleod; Ruairidh Moir; Donald Murray; Rhoda Murray; Alex Angus Smith
APOLOGIES: Angus Macleod; Angus Murray
CHAIR: Donald Murray

1. Note of the last meeting
The note of the last meeting was approved.

• Matters Arising

Hebridean Connections
Alex Angus Smith and Angus Murray, our representatives on this project, will keep us informed of any new developments.

Clachan Crìche
The launch of this book went well. However a greater turnout would have been desirable. The review by Murdo Macleod, which appeared in the Stornoway Gazette was very good and the Gaelic part will appear in the Gàidheal Ur. A suggestion was made to put some books to Cl ì and onto the Caledonian Macbrayne ferry, Isle of Lewis. Little money has come back from retailers but the books are selling steadily. Most retailers are charging 10% commission.

Young Historians
Laithean an Iasgaich is still selling in local retail outlets.

Tolsta Walk
The money for this walk was allocated a year ago. Susan Rabe has written to the secretary of the Community Council asking them to front the project for Insurance purposes.

Caidreachas Eachdraidh
The CE has received £350 per capita grant. Gordon Urqhuart gave an interesting presentation called Heritage North at the last Caidreachas meeting, which was attended by D.Murray and R. Macleod.


Next meeting is on Tuesday 16 May at 7.30pm.

The CE committee members are D. Murray, A. Mackenzie, A. Murray, A.A. Smith, A. Macleod, R. Macleod, S. Maciver, R. Murray, R. Moir, D. Lawson, D. Macleod and M. Murray.

Because of family commitments Anne Marie Henderson resigned from the committee. She will still be supportive of the CE and will help in any way she can. It was agreed that Cathie Mary Smith should be approached and asked to join the committee.

• Digitising and Archiving our material
The Comann Eachdraidh is to apply to the Department of Sustainable Communities , CNES for funding. If the funding application is successful then this could mean possible employment of one person for one year.

• Croft History
Work has to be carried out on the Croft History in preparation for Hebridean Connections. Ann Smillie has agreed to help.

• Finance
£3802.00 reported by the Treasurer on the evening of the meeting.

• Correspondence
Correspondence by letter over the period was as follows:

• Community Heritage fund
• Money is available for projects. Three deadlines for applications have been given.

• David Green
Business survey by Lews Castle College - acknowledgement of involvement.

Some of the correspondence by e-mail
a. The Scottish Genealogy shop
An approach to sell books on their website

b. A number of genealogy enquiries

6. Date of next Meeting
No date was set for the next meeting