NTHS Minutes - AGM 2005

Minutes of AGM 2005 - February 28, 2005

Note of the Annual General Meeting of the North Tolsta Historical Society at the Tigh Ceilidh, North Tolsta, on 28 February 2005, at 8pm.


PRESENT: D.Murray; R.Murray; A.Murray; A.A.Smith; S.MacIver; DJ MacRitchie; A.MacLeod; A.M. Henderson; M.Murray; J.A. MacIver; D. Lawson; R.Moir; A.Campbell; M.Campbell.
APOLOGIES : A. Mackenzie; R. MacLeod
CHAIR : D.Murray


• Note of the last Annual General Meeting of the North Tolsta Historical Society

The Note of the AGM of 1 March 2004 was approved.
Proposed : A.A. Smith
Seconded : J.A. MacIver
• Chairperson's Report

The Chairman welcomed those in attendance and thanked them for their best wishes during his period of ill health.

The Chairman's report, which was circulated at the meeting, was approved. The main points were as follows:

• Young Historians

Two group leaders, John A MacIver and N. Moir, had been employed on the above project which was funded by LEADER +, the Better Neighbourhood Fund Scheme and the Comann Eachdraidh. John A had resigned due to work commitments, but Nina continued to manage the project for its duration. The project had been very successful on a number of levels and this was recognised by local funding agencies and the community.

2.2. Bàrdachd

Marsali MacLeod had been employed to progress this project. She had started work on the collection of village bàrdachd collected by the Committee. Angus Macleod provided editing and proofing assistance. Both Angus and Marsali were photographed for the Gaelic in the Community newsletter, Gaelic in the Community being one of the funders along with the Comhairle and Comann Eachdraidh Tholastaidh.

2.3 Ard Walk

Some members of the Committee had accompanied Susan Rabe, Western Isles Countryside Access Officer, on the proposed walk. The Comhairle had approved provisionally £12k, funding from the Countryside Access Programme, in support of this walk.

2.4 Activities/Functions

The following main functions/activities had taken place over the course of the year:
Bill Lawson's talk on genealogy on 12 March 2004; Classic Cars visit culminating at the Garry Bridge where John Morrison, New Tolsta, gave an interesting talk on the history of the Bridge.
Meeting of merchant seamen in Stornoway–sponsored by Pròiseactan nan Sgeulachdan. The Comann Eachdraidh arranged for a mini bus to take the seamen to the British Legion on Friday, 5 November 2005.

2.5 Seanchas

The Chairman reported that Seanchas and private donations paid for the Comann Eachdraidh's running costs. 400 copies of Seanchas were being printed every quarter and the Society now had 78 subscriptions to the magazine. The Chairman expressed his thanks for all those who had subscribed to Seanchas and provided donations throughout the year.

2.6 Special Interest Groups

These groups met throughout the year and work was ongoing- the fishing and wedding projects were progressing. It was hoped that these would lead to exhibitions/displays at the end of the project.

2.7 Membership

Membership stood at 352. Efforts to increase this number were continuing as it would affect the per capita grant. A number of visitors from the mainland and further afield had visited us and we continued to receive e-mail and mail correspondence from all over the world.

2.8 Website

We had experienced some problems with spam; we needed to secure a number of pages, in particular, the memories and guest pages. We now had more control over our website and the Chairman thanked Rhoda and Ruairidh for their help in keeping the site up to date.

2.9 Caidreachas Eachdraidh

The Chairman had attended all meetings of the above group. Representatives of the Comann Eachdraidh had attended a number of other relevant meetings throughout the year as necessary.

2.10 Database

It was important to maintain the local database, which as at February 2005 showed the following:

Pre-school age children     30
School age children   64
16-18 year olds   11
18-59 year olds   244
Over 60s   140
Total   489


Births   4
Deaths   7
Holiday homes   16
Unoccupied homes   5

No significant changes from 2004.

The Chairman thanked all parties concerned for their efforts throughout the year. The chairperson's statement was moved for adoption.
Proposed : A.A.Smith
Seconded : John A MacIver

• Treasurer's Report

The Treasurer outlined the Comann Eachdraidh's financial status to date as per the report circulated. The report indicated receipts of £9,602.18 and payments of £9,686.65, leaving an excess of income over expenditure of £84.47. The balance as at 31 January 2005 was £3,313.78.

The per capita grant would be paid into the account in May 2005.

The Treasurer's report was moved for adoption.
Proposed : John A MacIver
Seconded : M.Murray

• Election of Office Bearers/Committee

The Society's Ofice Bearers were elected as follows:-
Chairperson : Donald Murray
Proposed: J. A. MacIver
Seconded: M.Murray
Vice Chairperson : A. MacKenzie
Proposed: DJ Macritchie
Seconded: S.MacIver
Treasurer : A.A Smith
Proposed: S.MacIver
Seconded: A.M Henderson
Secretary : Angus Murray
Proposed: D.J. Mac Ritchie
Seconded: J A. MacIver

• Society Committee

N. Moir would be standing down from the Committee, which now had 6 permanent members and 6 co-opted members.

• Programme for 2005

A number of projects were planned for 2005 as follows:

• The Ard Walk project, via funding from the Western Isles Countryside Access Programme.

• “Aig Muir” Project: this would involve an evening in the Community Hall on 11 March 2005 to which ex local seamen and fishermen (including those from outwith the village) would be invited. The Comann Eachdraidh would arrange the catering and refreshments. This event would be recorded by the Young Historians, as part of that Initiative.

• Publication on local fishing history.

• Bus trip/study visit to Uist to see some of the historical sites of interest including visits to Kildonan and Taigh Chearsabhaigh. It would be a good idea to record this on video as part of the Young Historians project.

It was noted that all claims for the young Historians project had to be submitted by April 2005.

6. A.O.C.B.

Children in Need

A presentation on their grant application process would be given at Voluntary Action Lewis on 3 March 2005 at 7.30. Donnie and Ruairidh would attend.


Dingwall Printers Ltd

A letter of apology had been received from Dingwall Printers Ltd for the poor quality of the paper for Seanchas. We were assured that normal service would resume and it was agreed that we would continue using them on that basis.

Links : Partnership for Change

A conference would be held on 26 -28 April 2005 and it was agreed that we would send a number of representatives, to be decided.

7. Date of next meeting

The date of the next meeting was left open.