NTHS Minutes - Dec 2003

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Minutes of December 2003 meeting - December 15, 2003

Note of the meeting of North Tolsta Historical Society at the Schoolhouse, North Tolsta, on Monday, 15 December 2003, at 7.30pm.

PRESENT: D.Murray; A.Murray; M.Murray; A.MacLeod; R.Murray; S.MacIver; D.J.Macritchie;

A.A. Smith.

APOLOGIES : A. MacKenzie; R.MacLeod

CHAIR : D.Murray

1. Note of the Last Meeting

The Note of the last meeting was approved.

2. Matters arising

CED Project

20 more books had been sold out of a possible 49.

Web Site

The Guest Page was now up and running. D.Murray would ask Taylor Edgar to retrieve the archive, if possible.


The painting had been done and an invoice had been sent to Calum Hunter, Education Department, CnES.

Township Development Scheme

WIE had no further Environmental Renewal funding for the present which would affect many community projects. There may, however, be funding available from the Comhairle. DA Murray was leading on this project.

Missionaries from Tolsta

In response to an enquiry from Rev D. Campbell, DJ MacRitchie had a book on the subject, which he would pass on.

John MacIver Memorial Cup

We now had the Cup, which we would give to the School for its Citizenship Award. It was agreed that it would be interesting to research the history of the Cup - S.MacIver agreed to do this.

School Projects

Duncan MacLeod, School teacher, hoped to progress two school projects on birds and emigration and he could have use of the Society's facilities as required.


The Minute of the last AGM would be circulated by A. M. Henderson.

3. Finance

The bank balance on the evening of the meeting was £1, 698.72.

4. Correspondence

Regarding the enquiry about the Hudson Bay Company's former employees from Tolsta, a list had been produced and forwarded. No response had been received since then.

A photo had been received of a young woman (Haymaking in Lewis c.1960s) which could be included in Seanchas (it looked as if it had already been published) to try and determine her identity.

5. Young Historians

The first Progress Report had been forwarded to BNSF.

Insurance: there was no need for extra cover.

Bank : A. Murray had drafted a letter to make the necessary arrangements with the bank and this would be signed by the signatories after the meeting.

WIE had made their first payment of £609.07 towards the YH project.

6. Licensing for the Ceilidh of 9 January 2004

A. Murray would apply for the license for the forthcoming Ceilidh in good time. The hall would need to be booked and prepared well in advance. D. Murray would speak to the Youth Club as the Ceilidh fell on a YC night. We would need to decide on the catering for the event. It was suggested that there should be another unofficial meeting on 22 December 2003 to discuss specific arrangements for the Ceilidh.

7. Genealogy

Bill Lawson had indicated that he would like to give a talk on genealogy to the Society on a mutually convenient date. 2/3 February 2004 were mentioned as possible dates, but this would be confirmed.

8. Family Histories

These were progressing well.

9. Cemetery

A.A.Smith would update the cemetery history.

10. Caidreachas

The last meeting had been postponed.

11. Links ..specifically the links between Museum nan Eilean and the Comainn Eachdraidh. A.MacKenzie and R.Murray had attended. A very interesting talk on the subject had been given by Dana McPhee, Museums Officer at Lionacleit.

12. AOCB


Articles were required for Seanchas.


The photocopier was giving problems; D. Murray would speak to MacKenzies


Nothing had been done on the proposed application to Gaelic in the Community; A. Murray would progress asap.


The anti-virus needed updating.


The Society currently had 317 members.


A date needed to be agreed for the next AGM; D. Murray would circulate an agreed date in good time.