Tolsta shops of the past

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Tolsta Shops

The photo is of Angus Macleod (Aonghas Bhiogaim) in his mobile shop.  Judging by some of the comments on Facebook this mobile shop was very popular.

web-Angus Macleod mobileshop

Many shops operated in Tolsta in the course of the 1900s, granted one or two of them were no more than cupboards! 

Bùth Mhastair belonged to Maciver 72 and was a thriving business at the time.
Bùth ’An Dubh belonged to Murray 27
Bùth Dholaidh Chalain was a shed near Taigh Thormoid Ailein (49a) and was owned by Campbell 47.
Bùth Dhaoil belonged to Morrison 46 and Seonaidh Og’s van from Stornoway delivered the bread to the shop.
Bùth Fortaidh was run by Maciver 43 and Fortaidh also had buses.
Bùth Neill – Mackenzie 41 had a shop and Post Office
Bùth Shearagain – Murray 30.Murchadh Dhòmhnaill Shearagain later ran a haulage business and had lorries and tractors.
Bùth Dholsaidh belonged to Morrison 77 and was situated in a small area across the road from No.30. This was the site of the village school.
Bùth Dhòmhnaill Aonghais Saighdear was a busy shop owned by Macleod, School Road.. It was a tuck shop for the school children and a ceilidh house for the village worthies.
Bùth Chromartaidh belonged to Macleod 20 and later John Macleod Iain Chromartaidh had a butcher’s shop there.
Bùth Chamaroin – Cameron 68 – Mrs Cameron was for years the local midwife and son Allan was the local Councillor. At one time their garden boasted the only tree in Tolsta.
Bùth Bhìogaim was run by Macleods of 59. Biogam also had a bus and son Angus who stayed at No.60 had a business with mobile shop and lorries.
Bùth Dholaidh Green belonged to Maciver 78. When Dolaidh Green started his business he brought his provisions from Stornoway in the side-car of his motorcycle. Later Dolaidh had a mobile shop as well as a lorry.
Bùth An Fhaochaig – This was a butcher’s shop run by Macleod 56.
Bùth Lachaidh Chàthain belonged to Maciver 11 and they sold lemonade and biscuits. Later Ididh had a lorry.
Bùth Lògain Murray 45 only sold paraffin and Logan also had a bus.
Bùth Ruairidh Thormoid Iain belonged to Mackay 66 and they ran a Post Office and small shop on New Street.
Bùth Aonghais Càrnaidh was owned by Maciver 41. They had a small shop near where the Post Office is at present.
Bùth Dhòmhnaill Dòtail owned by Macleod 74 sold soft drinks etc from a shed cited near New Street post box.
Bùth Eachainn a’Chuda belonged to Mackay 2 School Road and they had a butcher’s business for a short while. Eachainn had previously owned one of the early village buses.
Bùth Kenny Horragain Kenneth Campbell’s butcher shop was at No.54. As well as his butcher’s shop Kenny Horragain also did some haulage business with his lorry. We mentioned Buth ’An Dubh (27) and the house number 27 changed to 54 when Kenny bought the house.
John Nicolson An Griasach had a small shoemaker’s shop at No.9 – the house now known as Craggro. John was a very kind man and always had time to sit and talk with young and old in his shop.