Sharing the catch

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Sharing the catch

Fishing moved from Garry to Cladach Ghiordail in the early 1900s and for years an abundance of fish was landed there by the local boats.  Before carrying the fish up the steep slope there would be the sharing of the catch, with always a share for someone in need. 


This photo of the Cladach shows Alex Nicolson Ailigean a’Chnicidh of 9 North Tolsta sharing the catch of fish.  His mother Annie Nicolson Bantrach a’ Chnicidh is sitting on the creel busy knitting while waiting and in the foreground are Angus Smith Angaidh Beag (52) and Angus Maciver Angaidh Aonghais Alasdair Ruairidh (25)

This photo, which was probably taken in 1950s, was given to us by Iain Macleod Iain Ceit formerly of 17 New Tolsta and now living in Bragar.