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Fishing Rocks

Dòmhnall Iain Mhòir (5), author of the 'Operation at Sea' story (4), has an amazing knowledge of rock fishing and of inshore fishing in the Tolsta area. Since the evening of the Aig Muir 'get together' Dòmhnall has written out a list of approximately 50 sea fishing rocks in the stretch of coast-line from Geodha Alla Thòlain ( Seanchas 46 feature 7) to Heisgeir (Seanchas34 feature 55), with an indication of how accessible each rock is. 

Geodha Alla Thòlain
South from Traigh Sheileabhaig. No cliff to contend with. Long, wide fishing ledge.

Gob Leac Oighrig
A long gentle slope, otherwise easy to access. A very popular fishing ledge.

Cul a Cneap Dhuibh
A short, fairly steep climb, but well stepped. A little 'stretch' half way down. A good fishing ledge, especially at low tide.

Sròn Mhòir Ròdha
A very long winding track down to this rock. Fairly easy, but very narrow going over the geodha. A favourite fishing rock with 'built-in' cracks for holding the fish. Before going over the geodha , there is a long ledge and, although it is some distance from Cladach an Eilean, it is known by this name. Because of the masses of tangle it was only used for poc fishing.

I suppose this was the most frequented of all fishing rocks due to its accessibility to all ages. Not too comfortable at high tide, but at low tide, the long quaylike ledge stretches for 100 yards or more and this ledge is fishable at a few points. This long ledge could pose a danger to the unwary, as a rogue wave could sweep over it in any kind of swell.

The complete list is available at the Comann Eachdraidh.