From 1860 and 1880:

Those who settled in Canada between 1860 and 1880:

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Christina Campbell
Torquil, Mac Ian Bhain, Torquil Campbell
William Macdonald
Angus Maciver

Angus Maciver
( Mac Mhurchaidh Mhoir) went to Nova Scotia. A grandson, a Canadian chaplain, preached in the village in 1942

Donald Maciver
Mac Aonghais Ruaidh
Evander Maciver
Hector Maciver
(Mac Aonghais Eachainn)Went first to Carolina
Murdo and Kenneth Maciver
(Mic Iain Mhurchaidh Mhoir) Settled in British Columbia in 1868.
Kenneth worked in the mines as a joiner, seeing to the pit props. He was never married.
Murdo was coming home when he met a young lassie of Barvas extraction whom he married, and settled down on his own dairy farm on the banks of the Fraser River, near the old HBC Fort Langley.
Maciver's Landing there is named after him. He planted a poplar tree for every child born to him - seven in all.
Murdo Maciver, Mac Mhurchaidh Bhig
Angus Bard Macleod and his children, Donald, John, Murdo, Annabella and Mary
John later took his father home as he was homesick. John first went to New Zealand, but later qualified as a minister in Australia, before taking his MD degree in Montreal. He was a minister in Tiree for three years before returning to Canada.
Annabella's husband, Alexander Macrae, and Mary's husband, Murdo Maciver, emigrated about the same time as the Macleods in 1875 and settled in Lingwick.
Mary and Peter Macleod, the children of Donald Bard Macleod, (58).
John and William Macleod, sons of Tormod Mor Macleod, (6). John was the author of the song "An t-Eilean a Tuath". He returned home to die after forty years as a missionary in the backwoods of Quebec and Ontario. William was a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted police and was stationed for a while at Lake Athabasca
Torquil Macleod 4
(Mac Dhmhnaill Beag Thorcaill) was also in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Colin and Neil Murray 52
Sons of Alasdair Neill. Emigrated in the 1870s and settled in Southampton, Bruce County
Donald Murray, his wife Christina Macdonald and children Christina, Effie, Kennina and Margaret 27
(Domhnall Beag Choinnich) Emigrated in 1883 and settled in Marston
Christina and Margaret Murray 35
Daughters of Aonghas Breabadair
Christina Murray with her husband, lain Sheoc, Back 22
(Cairstiona Mhor Dhomhnaill Choinnich)While living in eastern Quebec, she attacked, and drove away a bear which had felled one of her cows. Latterly, she lived in Vancouver
Donald*, John and Murdo Murray 49
Brothers of Allan Dubh Murray, John, nicknamed, "Gearr-mhasach", lived at No. 7. He encouraged his wife, from Point, to emigrate, by telling her of the marvellous food which she would get on the Atlantic crossing!

Donald Murray (Mac Dhomhnaill Duinn) bade farewell to the village which he would never see again, with the words:

Soraidh leat a Chnoc a' Runnair,
'S a Charnan na h-Arda;
Soraidh leat a Bhideim,
'S a Thuim Loch a' Ghaineamhaich

Isabella Macdonald 37

(lseabail Dhomhnaill Bhain) Decided, in 1873 to join her brothers and sisters near Lake Megantic in Quebec Province, her husband, Donald Buidhe, having died two years previously. All her children, except Murdo, went with her. More