Commander Morrison of Scotland Yard

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The following article appeared in the Tolsta News of the Stornoway Gazette on 10 February 1973


We wish to congratulate Mr John Morrison of the Metropolitan Police on his promotion to the rank of Commander at Scotland Yard. Commander John MorrisonThe post, which entails charge of the Regional Crime Squad for the whole of London, is one of only nine such squads in all England. This is indeed a proud step forward for a lad who left Tolsta School at the age of 14 and who never saw a secondary thereafter.

Commander John Morrison

The new Police Commander is a son of the late Mr and Mrs John Morrison of 4 New Tolsta.

Like most of his contemporaries he joined the RNR before the war and was called up in 1939.

He left the Navy in 1946 as a leading seaman and joined the Metropolitan Police in 1947, climbing the ladder of promotion ever since.

Mr Morrison has a family of four and is married to Annie Morrison of North Dell, who is a sister of Alexander Morrison, Chief Constable of Aberdeen.

Mrs Morrison, a schoolteacher, is one of the leading lights of London Gaelic circles.

Tolsta is proud to add the name of John Morrison to the list of its distinguished sons. To us it has always been a source of wonder that Lewis, after two centuries of emigration and one century of educational creaming, can still produce men of such talent. In this we must agree with the truth of the Gaelic proverb 'Theid dualachas an agaidh nan creag.'