NTHS Minutes - June 2011

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Minutes of June 2011 meeting - June 15, 2011

Note of the meeting of the North Tolsta Historical Society at the Schoolhouse, North Tolsta on Wednesday 15 June 2011 at 7.30pm.

PRESENT : D. Murray, M. Murray, M. Maciver, J. Macleod, C.M. Smith, C. Macleod, A. Mackenzie, Cllr. J.A. Maciver APOLOGIES : S. Maciver, R. Murray, M. Macdonald, R. Macleod, E. Mackenzie. CHAIR: D.Murray

1. The Note of the meeting of 11 May 2011 was approved.

2. Matters arising

Guided Tour: Gordon Murray and several German and Swiss students visited the C.E. on Friday 13 th May. Chair took these students to visit Garry and the Cladach. A thank you note has been received from Gordon Murray for assisting the students.

3. Project

Progress: Money from the three councillors has now been paid into the CE account. The committee would like to thank our councillors for this very generous gesture. Garry Bridge – D. Murray stressed the importance of keeping a note of any meetings or discussions with anyone in the community regarding information for project. J. Macleod, M. Maciver and D. Murray have met to agree wording of plaque. English script is ready and A. Macleod has written the Gaelic text. Photographs and graphics will be added. There will be a metal border on the plaques.

Cladach Panel – Cathie Mary gave a resume of work done by this subcommittee. They have been working on English text.

Site visit by Woody - Donald and Margaret met with Woody to show him the preferred site for the plaques. He is collecting suitable stones.

Cladach Road – Work is progressing well and drainage seems to be working well. It was agreed that a notice should be erected to say that this road is not suitable for motorhomes.

John A. will make enquiries about cost of turning point near site of the Garry Plaque.

4. Heb Connections

J.A. Maciver had attended meeting on 18 th May. Notes of that meeting will be available shortly. Dr. Elizabeth Tait, Aberdeen University, visited the CE on 20 th May. She wanted to discuss how our CE had evolved over time, our views on Heb. Connections, our organisational structure and our archives.

5. Public Meetings in July July 1 2011

Alex Macdonald kindly agreed to come the hall to address a public meeting at 7.30 on July 1 st to show his extensive collection of old coins and banknotes. Proceeds from door collection will go towards the Playpark Funds. Joan Hogg will speak in Hall on 27 th July.

6. Finance and Correspondence

Balance at 15th. June 2011 was £11,588. £12 donation was received from Ishbel England.

Correspondence –

A lovely thank you note was received from James Maclean’s wife. C.M., Murdo, Morag and Emma went to Detroit meeting on Monday 16 th May in the Council Chambers. It was a most interesting evening focusing on the historic links between Lewis and N. America with particular emphasis on Detroit.

Correspondence from D. Mackay and R. Bishop looking for information about their ancestors. Interesting letter also from Iain Macdonald about his grandfather J. Maciver School Road Enquiry from Isobel Morissey looking for information on second sight.

7. AOCB .

Rev D. Campbell has spoken to John A. and said that he had very old church log books which would be of interest to the local CE. The committee would welcome any such archives.

No date was set for the next meeting.